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Windows and OS X SSID Reporting and Dynamic Assets


Today we posted a blog about leveraging Nessus's ability

to obtain the wireless SSID for both Window and OS X.


These plugins are great for dynamic asset rule creation.

If your SSIDs are named based on functions or locations

(buildings, "guest", vlans, .etc) there may be good text

in the name which you can use to classify the asset.


In the example below, I've created a rule looking for an

SSID named "my_ssid" on plugin 63340 which is the

OS X plugin.


Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 12.55.04 PM.png

PLugin 25197 lists Windows wireless SSIDs that are



Using the dynamic asset logic, these two plugins can

be used to mine your credentialed Nessus scans and

classify IP addresses by their SSID.


Ron Gula