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Updated FDCC and USGCB .audit Policies


Tenable's Research group has published new .audit polices for Nessus ProfessionalFeed and

SecurityCenter users to perform FDCC and USGCB audits.These .audit policies perform the

required configuration testing for FDCC (XP/Vista) and USGCB (Windows7) platforms. They

are based on XCCDF content hosted at NIST.


Below is an example screen shot of the download page on the Tenable Customer Support

Portal as of Fed 1, 2010:



We have many other .audit polices in progress based on XCCDF Tier III and Tier IV



Note - this content is not suitable for official FDCC reporting and .audit files must
be generated with the SecurityCenter's xTool with the actual XCCDF content stored
locally on your computer.


Ron Gula