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Nessus Pro: failure to enumerate 3rd party application patches on Windows localhost

mait.knight Novice

Hi all.


I am currently running an evaluation version of Nessus Pro on my Windows7 box and I was going to check my machine which I know, has vulnerable versions of several 3rd party applications.

However, to my surprise Nessus did not find ANY vulnerable apps.  I know there are vulnerable Flash, Acrobat Reader and Java 6 (checked manually) - all of these should have produced a finding, but no.

I tried various settings - enabled thorough scan and so on, but no change. I have been using Nessus for years but first time I am seeing this issue.

Has anybody experienced this or can suggest what I could be doing wrong.?


Nessus Professional 6.11.2 (#102) WINDOWS

Plugin set 201711031815.

Running Tenable Nessus service as "Localsystem" account.

Advanced scan, All plugins in family "WINDOWS" enabled.