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Scan job #xxxxx is waiting for scanners to become available

a.aluigi Novice

Hi community,

I have a problem after I updated SecurityCenter to 5.5.1 (on a RedHat 7) and Nessus Scanner  to 6.11.1 (on a Windows Server 2012).

The scanner regularly showing the working status. Plugin updated to the latest relase and I can login into the Nessus Scanner via browser on port 8834. everything seems to work.


But if I launch a scan from SecurityCenter, the scan goes to Pending and does not finish (to stop it I have to kill from Job Queue page).


Tenable support suggests me to use another user instead of "admin" in the Nessus scanner linking (Resurces --> Nessus Scanners page) and this resolved the issue for a couple of times.

Then tring to run a scan, setting a policy with audit file, the problem's came back.


The message in the log is "- Scan job #305692 is waiting for scanners to become available; timeout will occur in 30 minutes."


Has it ever happened to you something like that?


Thank you in advance.