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Scan Policy X.509 Authentication

cory1462 Novice

We are trying to run a scan using an X.509 cert for authentication. Currently this capability is built into the scan policy. When configuring the credential it asks for 4 fields;

  1. Client Certificate
  2. Client Key
  3. Password
  4. CA Certificate to Trust

We cannot find any guidance on what is meant by "Client Key". Is this the public key? Private key? Something else?

Any guidance would be appreciated.



Cory Chapman

  • Re: Scan Policy X.509 Authentication
    jweiss Master

    For X.509, you will need to supply the following information:

    1. Client Certificate is the client certificate
    2. Client Key is the client private key
    3. Password is the keys corresponding passphrase
    4. CA Certificate to Trust is the trusted Certificate Authority’s (CA) digital certificate.