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Plugin for installed software

techiranga Apprentice

The plugin 20811 Microsoft Windows Installed Software Enumeration (credentialed check) list the software installed in the registry




i have a software installed "PhishMe" a plugin in Outlook installed and able to see the same in the Control Panel --> Programs --> Programs and features.

But the Nessus is not detecting this software. Is there any plugin i should look for ?

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    rseguin Master



    If you check the two registry entries that you have listed there in the post, do you see any keys for PhishMe?


    If not, then that would explain why it's not showing in the plugin output, as this may be a special case that we would have to update this plugin for.


    If it's present in the listed registry locations, then please reach out to support@tenable.com as they would need to file a bug report for this plugin missing installed software.