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Licensing info

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I've been trying to figure out how many licenses we need in Security Center 5.5 CV. Unfortunately when I look at the licensing all I see is exceeded and there aren't any counts. Also I've ran queries against our system and removed duplicate IP's and the number I've come up with seems to be excessive. I recently added 3 subnets which pushed us over our license limit. My research shows me needing around 1250 additional licenses which is odd since we never exceeded our license before I added the 3 extra subnets.


Also, is there an alert that I can configure that would warn me of getting close to exceeding our license counts? For example if we get within 50 or 100 of our license I'd be alerted of this instead of finding scans showing as blocked because of our license being exceeded or having to manually look at our license count?



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    CodyDumont Master

    I am pretty sure there is a Licensing alert if in the SecurityCenter application logs, but you need LCE or some other syslog service to easily see the events. 


    System Configuration (SC)


    On this page in the guide there is the list of plugins that don't count.  So you most likely went over with more licenses. 


    Tip:Offline repositories are not counted against the IP license count. Also, the following plugins are not counted against the license IP count when scanned using the Ping Host port scanner. Using other port scanners will cause the detected IPs to be counted against the license:

    Nessus IDs: 10180, 10287, 19506, 12053, 11933, 11936

    PVS IDs: 00003, 00012

    LCE IDs: 800,000-800,099


    I would reach out to your sales engineer or Technical Support to help you find where issue is.