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Way to Edit Component Filter/Focus other than at original Addition?

dmiller4 Apprentice

Is there a wayto/is there a reason we cannot modify SC component filters other than when they are initially added to a Dashboard/ARC/Report?


Its really time consuming to have to track down the initial component, edit it to a spec, get it mildly wrong, and have to restart the whole process.


This is true, even when you copy a component.


e.g. I add component "Understanding Risk - Details by Severity"

Sometime later I realize some of the data is coming from a repository I don't want to include.  As far as I can tell I have to grab the original component and ensure I have

the "Focus" set properly. 


Now imagine having created a custom matrix, report or dashboard for one set of OS, application or business owner, to have one or more peers ask for the same report, but having to re-hand edit that Focus for each.


Is there some back-end trick or way to update the "Focus"?  All the other components can be edited afterwards, and get recalculated, so why can't we change the Focus?