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alexgeo09 Novice


I have installed server with windows server r2012 in an internal network(no internet access). I have run Nessus for the first time successfully and i move on one the recommendations of the report. After updating the server with the needed patches (manually) , i try to re-run Nessus for getting the results of my work but i didn't get a result.

I search in the log files and i find some errors.(attached screen)


    jdavies Apprentice

    Do any of these plugins appear in your scan results?


    Login Failure

    • 21745–Authentication Failure (Settings)
    • 24786 –Windows Scan not performed with admin privs (Settings)
    • 11149 – HTTP login failure (preference) Note: This plugin provides a means for http login info, but it also returns login failures when error happens.
    • 26917 - Nessus Cannot Access the Windows Registry

    Successful Login (Windows)

    • 24269 –WMI Available (Windows)
    • 10394 –SMB Log in (check account for tests) (Windows)
    • 10400 –Remotely Accessible Registry (Windows)
    • 10428 - Microsoft Windows SMB Registry Not Fully Accessible Detection


    The output of some of these will explain why authentication failed.