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Plugin discrepancy between Nessus Active scanner and SecurityCenter

chortond Novice

Hi All,


I'm having an issue with viewing a vulnerability in SecurityCenter.  I have a vulnerability (plugin ID 97142) showing as "NO NAME" in SecurityCenter, but the plugin output section displays proper results.  I've tried updating the plugins through the GUI and uploading manually, but to no avail.  The plugins page on SecurityCenter shows that the last modified date is 4 days ago.


System logs show the following:

"Failed to get Plugin #97142. Plugin #97142 does not exist."


No mention of a failed plugin update job either...  I've tried the fix in the thread below but that didn't seem to do anything.


SecurityCenter 5.3.1 Active Plugins Not Updating


Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?


SecurityCenter 5.4.3

Nessus Active Scanner 6.10.1