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Sudden false positives for Plugin 23910 (Host file check in backdoors family)

CleverBoy Apprentice

  Starting last week (Feb 1st), SecurityCenter suddenly alerted on a bunch (29 initially) hosts for Plugin 23910, indicating a possible IOC by virtue of modifying the hosts file.  However upon close inspection of the vulnerability text and the hosts files themselves, they were all false positives:


*Most hosts files flagged had two entries (for local host):


*All hosts files examined directly had "last modified" time stamps of years ago

*A couple had unique entries but were pointing to private IP addresses (these entries were also not new)


I opened a ticket with support, and of course they wanted a nessusb file directly from a Nessus scanner.  So I ran a scan locally against all hosts firing for 23910, and got no results on that plugin. 


I turned back to SecurityCenter, forced an update of plugins, and re-scanned all of the relevant hosts from SC with thorough checks enabled for good measure.  Plugin 23910 disappeared.  All good!


Today they're back:  23910 firing for clear false positive scenarios.  Is anyone else seeing this?  Anyone have a stress-reducing way to troubleshoot?