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host detection and failed login

donniewu Apprentice

I seem to be having an issue with credentialed scans on some servers. With plugin id 21745 I get this output


- It was not possible to log into the remote host via smb (unable to create a socket)


I am confused on what it is doing since it's a credentialed scan and the 100+ windows servers in the same scan work.  I have double checked the account is on that server. This problem is on maybe 30 or so Windows servers. While troubleshooting this server I noticed that the front-end to that server doesn't even show up as being scanned. The Windows assets list is missing at lest 20 windows servers. I really don't want to resort to putting in IPs for the scans. This brings me to another issue which is a design we have been using for years which is to have two scans. One for windows and one for Linux. Is there a reason to have two separate patch check scans? I believe the original reason was to make reporting easier.



Summarizing the questions:

1. Why are some windows scans failing with the above error message?

2. Why does the host detection miss windows machines?

3. Can I just have one patch audit scan with both OSs?