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Printer Credential Checks

ombiaz Novice

Hey guys,

Is there any way to enable credential checks for printers on the Nessus Security Console? The policy being used is the default Bash vulnerabilities policy. The plugin we use to perform these check is "Antivirus Software Check: 16193" located under "Edit Scan Policy". If Nessus is unable to perform credential checks for printers does someone know of any documentations or a written statement that clearly explains why Tenable does not perform credential checks on printers?

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    saltedsecurity Expert

    Credentialed checks are for managed operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux; there is also some functionality for OS level authentication on network devices like cisco firewalls, etc. 


    99% of Printers don't have an operating system that you can login to.  Some setups, like a managed Windows host that is acting as a print server, can have credentialed scans, but there is nothing to do on a printer; there is no 'OS' for Nessus to authenticate against.


    You theoretically could authenticate to the web interface of a printer, but this would be using the web application scanning functionality of Nessus, not credentialed host checks (this would also likely be a very bad idea and cause issues with the printer).