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Tivoli Enterprise Manager Server and Client Audits




Tivoli Enterprise Manager Server and Client Audits



These audit files verify most of the recommended settings that should be reviewed on a TEM Server, Relay Server or Client install. These audit files include checks for versions, required service status, directory paths and URLs. Other checks verify the configuration for users, password parameters,  the TEM required services and file permissions. Where appropriate the checks have the ability to be customized to the specific requirements of the local environment.




Total Checks:



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Files included:


- IBM_Tivoli_Enterprise_Server_OS.audit

- IBM_Tivoli_Enterprise_Server_DB.audit

- IBM_Tivoli_Enterprise_Relay.audit

- IBM_Tivoli_Enterprise_Client-Windows.audit

- IBM_Tivoli_Enterprise_Client-Linux.audit




Tenable Support Portal - under "Tenable Configuration Audits"