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Nessus 5.0 Report Generation


I upgraded Nessus 5.0 from 4.4. Jre installed on my Linux Nessus Server , restarted nessus services. Can't see PDF report option. Please guide me.

Also, kindly tell me "What is Chapter Selection not Allowed"???

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    Renaud Master

    Make sure that java is in your $PATH when you start Nessus. It also has to be the version of java coming from Oracle, not GNU's implementation. If java is not in your path, you can set the variable "path_to_java" in the config to point to the binary (ie: path_to_java = /usr/bin/java).

    Chapter selection is allowed for PDF and HTML outputs. It does not apply to other exports.

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    I'am also having an issue trying to generate reports in Nessus 5. I do have the PDF option when i go to generate the report, but when it tries to format the report I get this error in the UI .. "

    Nessus failed to format the report

    An error occurred while formatting the report.Please make sure that Java is properly installed on your system. You need the version of Java that is distributed by Oracle. Your report may also be too large to be generated successfully -- please apply some filters to reduce its size.


    I am running Nessus 5 on a CentOS 6.2 Final 64bit release, and I have jre-1.6.0_31-fcs.x86_64 installed. I also added the path_to_java /usr/bin/java preference in my config. I am still trying to figure out why I can generate PDF reports.

    When I type which java I get  /usr/bin/java in the response on the command line..


    Any help?




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      I have installed version 5.0 on linux platform Red hat 5.4 32 bit. Previously i was sing nessus 4.4 , i have auomtaed the process by setting up the crons.


      Below is the automation process in 4.4 version on conversion of file form .nessus.v1 to .nbe format.


      1. Schedule the scan from GUI.

      2. Set a time gap of 3 hours betwen each scans , as most of the scans are subnet scans.

      3. Once the scan is initiated , it creates four files in /opt/nessus/var/nessus/users/<username>/reports.

      4. After 2;30 mins once the scan in initiated i set a cron which moves .nessus.v1 file to a particular location.

      5. Once the .nessus.v1 file is moved , another script of converting .nessus.v1 file into .nbe file is schedule.

      6. Once this is completed another cron with script of converting .nbe file format to .csv file , which is the requirement for analysis.

      7. The whole process runs for each and every scan which has been schedule.


      But when i try to initiate the commands in nessus 5.0 , i am getting parse error.


      Any sugesstion , non of the commands options like --list-policies , list-reports , --dot-nessus are executed .


      can any one suggest what can be the case.

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    We are having the following issues when downloading reports in Nessus 5.01 on windows systems.


    1. Sometimes when downloading HTML reports, the formatting page keeps flickering - The only way to get this working again is to restart the Nessus service and log back in.


    2. .csv reporting does not work, the formatting page keeps flickering and restaring the nessus service does not fix this issue.


    I have tried IE8, Firefox and Chrome and they are all having the same issue.