• LCE to SecurityCenter protocol error

    hi team,   I have a problem with the security center is always a protocol error status lce I've tried to remove continue to add new but still just lce status protocol error Ice version 4.4.1 SecurityCenter versi...
    created by hendriana
  • Old server detected in SecurityCenter

    In my organization, SecurityCenter is still detecting a sensor that is pointing to a server that is no longer in use, which is causing many events in the reports.  How can I have SC forget (for lack of a better w...
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  • Severity Trending Component Flat-Lines

    Good day.   Any suggestions on what would cause a dashboard component to do the following?   That's the standard Severity Trending component configured for "Within 25 Days." Sometimes the component is re...
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  • Plugins Out of Sync

    SC - 5.4.0 Nessus - 6.10.1 Patched to: SC201611.1-5.x - PHP   Getting Plugins Out of Sync error after installing new upload patch CM-208816-sc-upload-fix.sh. Is there a backout for this or some other way to f...
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  • Showing Patches that have been superseded

    In Security Center under Policies, In the Edit Policy Advanced Scan, Report , I turned off the "Show missing patches that have been superseded" But we are still showing them, is there something else we need to do? Th...
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  • Scan Knocking over Firewalls - Policy Tweaks?

    Two scans we ran this morning knocked over several firewalls in one of our units. Both were examing approximately 1000 hosts. The scan policy we used for these scans had the Performance Parameters shown in the scree...
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  • No Heartbeat from LCE agents, but still receiving logs?

    I am having a strange issues with LCE agents not sending heartbeats. Some of the agents have not sent a heartbeat for weeks, but they are still sending logs successfully to the LCE and Security Centre is still listing...
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  • Exclude IP addresses from scan

    Hi,   I'm fairly new to using Nessus and can't seem to find the answer. I need to be able to exclude a few single IP addresses from a range. I'm using Nessus Professional 6.10.4(#89). Is this possible?   &n...
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  • Why do I get error code 143 in a Security Center 4.8.2 analysis where I filter for multiple CCE-ID's (separated by comma) under the "CCE ID" tab within the "ID Filter"?

    Error code: 143 Error message: Unable to process vuln Query. SecurityCenter could not process the vulnerability filter string (SC4_ROOT=/opt/sc4 /opt/sc4/bin/showvulns  +orgid "1" +groupid "4" +tool 'sumid' +so...
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  • REST API IAVM filter

    I'm trying to add a filter which would allow me to see only those found vulnerabilities that have an associated IAVM. So far Google and forum searches aren't getting me anywhere. Ideas?
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  • Log configuration

    Is there any way in Tenable to point the logs into a NAS/SAN shared storage, Outside of the internal storage?
  • Sample Python Script API Demo SecurityCenter 5.x

    This script demonstrates how to use python to connect to the SecurityCenter 5 API and retrieve a list of the first 10 Critical Vulnerabilities.
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  • Windows patch check failed

    I have had a problem the last few times this scan has ran. Before this last time it would just say scan crashed. Today I got this error.   Error DetailsScan progress process terminated abnormally with error stat...
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  • Results from Audit File

    Thank you Chad Streck for the following audit file. I am not getting any results when uploaded to a scan. Scan ran against server with detect date of 2/15/2015: check_type: "Windows" version:"2"> <group_polic...
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  • How to display results from a list of PluginIDs?

    I need the ability to display scan results that match a list of PluginIDs and exclude all other results.  I have tried creating a dynamic asset, filters and queries but I have had zero success.   All I want...
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  • Securing the Internet of Things

    Darron Makrokanis, vice president of federal at Tenable, discusses the security challenges presented by the Internet of things, and how agencies can adjust their security strategy. http://govmatters.tv/securing-the-in...
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  • Agents and Nessus Manager

    So here I am evaluating Nessus Manager + Agents. OMG so much easier than what I was doing. I think we're going to buy the solution, but I am confused about a couple of things:   Let's say we buy this. Do I just ...
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  • Plugin 97061 False Positive

    The recent Nagios security update provided by Redhat and announced in RHSA-2017:0259 is not applicable in this case. Although a similar package name is used, the Nagios package was obtained from the EPEL repository an...
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  • Rotate logs for Nessus Scanner?

    Hi,   I recently had an issue with a Nessus scanner with little HD (30Gb).  the folder /opt/nessus/var/nesssus/log was taken all the space and the scanner was not working at all.   I just deleted the ...
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  • ACAS SCAP scan error on Win2012R2 DC

    ACAS is failing to scan Windows 2012R2 Domain Controllers when using the SCAP Compliance check.  Plugin 66758 reports "Couldn't retrieve OVAL results for CPE check". When built as a Windows 2012R2 Member Server,...
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