• Tenable, let's talk UI

    If you show me a data set with a number of columns, you need to make every column filterable.   Specifically, when looking at Analysis->Vulnerabilities, one of the columns is NetBIOS. Yet, you can't actually ...
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  • Tenable agent

    Is it now possible to have tenable agent that can be manged with Security center or we must buy subscription for cloud service? If cloud is necessary what companies that decided to have on prem solution can expexct in...
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  • Howto publish Nessus Manager on the Internet securely

    Hi guys,   we plan to use Nessus Manager in connection with Security Center to connect Nessus Agents to it. Since we don't wank to just publish the Nessus Web Interface to the Internet, we are looking into ways ...
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  • Problem with SSL communication between agent and Nessus Manager

    We've been back and forth with support multiple times and still can't get our Nessus agent to communicate with Nessus Manager.   Nessus Manager: On OVA appliance 4.6.1; Nessus Manager 6.10.8 Agent machine: Wind...
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  • Nessus Pro Error: Activation Failed

    Windows 10 Pro I have received two Activation Codes in as many days for Nessus Pro. I have completely removed Tenable Nessus (x64) and reinstalled. Now I have completely removed Tenable Nessus (x64) once more. &nbs...
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  • What does group_policy field do?

    It's not clear to me what the group_policy field does in custom audits. I've looked at the Nessus Compliance Checks Reference, but that didn't help much. I'm guessing this is not related to Windows Active Directory Gr...
  • Nessus Compliance Scan returned "Compliant Item: ", without the host's registry value

    I was assisting my client to do a Nessus Compliance Scan for multiple Windows Server 2012 hosts, and I noted that the results for some of the controls returned "Compliant Item: " (without the configured registry value...
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  • Vulnerability Published Date

    Does anyone have an explication why not every vulnerability has a vulnerability published date? I am working in SecurityCenter and just uncovered this today.   Here is one example - Plugin ID 103172. In our sy...
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  • LCE 5.0.2 Upgrade woes

    I tried to upgrade to LCE server 5.0.2 this morning, from v4.8.2, and the results have not been pretty. I've managed to get all the LCE related services running on 5.0.2 (as per the Web GUI), and somehow managed to ge...
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  • Nessus Compliance for "cisco wireless LAN controller"

    Hi! I want to perform Nessus Compliance for "cisco wireless LAN controller" nor I cannot find the compliance file of cisco WLC in nessus website. Please guide.
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  • Security Center and HP Service Manager Integration

    Has anyone faced with Security Center and HP Service Manager integration? I am in trouble with this integration.
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  • Zero results from custom .audit file

    Hello all,   I posted this under Nessus > Nessus Manager, but given that it is actually an ACAS environment, I figured I would also post it here.   ------------------------------------------------------...
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  • DISA STIG Compliance Scanning for Win10

    Has anyone started performing DISA STIG Compliance Scanning for Win10?   I am unable to find a scan policy for Windows 10.....Thanks in advance!   Lee
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  • Do I need multiple Nessus Scanners?

    I already asked this in the Security Center forum a week ago, but no answer. I'm going to try my luck in here. I'm changing up the title to hopefully catch some eyes. I feel like it's a series of straightforward quest...
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  • Useless as a malware hunter

    So I have come to the firm opinion that this software is about useless for hunting malware. I have uploaded a file with more than 1700 known good hashes, but I still get over 2000 results for "malicious files" that ar...
  • Domain Controller Asset Group

    I would like to create a couple of different asset groups. One for our 2003 DC's and one for our 2008 DC's. I want these in different asset group so that when i do compliance scanning I can target just those specific ...
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  • Error:An untrusted cmdlet was found...

    Hi!   I'm facing a strange problem with Powershell-based permissions check in Windows registry. The requirement is to check the ACL of registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. In first iteration, I tried standard Nessus...
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  • Nessus API help

    Hello,   We are trying to extract data from the Nessus API.   Current using SC 5.4.4 with multiple Nessus scanners (6.10).   We are trying to get the data out via the Scan results and the scan IDs. &...
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  • Custom Tenable.io Audit for File Extensions

    Hi All,   I'm rather new to the Tenable.io console and have been scouring the forums to find an answer on this. There are a few threads on the subject, but none thus far have garnered any results. Basically, I'm...
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  • SecurityCenter feeds updates

    Hi all,   Based on the below picture, I would like to understand better on: What exactly does each of the below update does? What are they updating? Which Tenable component will be using each of the update? ...
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