• Dashboard component/formula to show unique vulns

    While working on a dashboard matrix that has things like total vulns, total hosts, I'm also needing to show unique vulns. Any idea how to achieve this value specifically in a matrix component?
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  • Nessus Cloud Agent

    Hi All,   Greetings!   We have installed the Nessus Cloud agent tool in our environment.But installed systems are not reported to our Cloud server. In our entity most of the systems are not having "Intern...
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  • Nessus 6 REST API Curl Examples

    Curl Examples ============= All but a few requests require a content type of application/json. All requests with the exception of the POST request to /session require a token. In each of the requests below, the Ness...
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  • Software List Report in Alphabetical order

    Does anyone know of a way to get the Software List Tool to output its report in alphabetical order? I cant find a way of sorting except by "Count". Doesnt work since the count is always 1, and the output is displayed ...
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  • Initial Bringup Problems with SecurityCenter 5.5.1

      Our program has just installed SecurityCenter 5.5.1 (Build ID: 201707122982) on a disconnected environment. We originally had just Nessus version 6.10.2. Unfortunately, we have yet to be able to complete a s...
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  • List of device types that ACAS should not be scanning?

    Is there a recommended list of devices (ex. Taclanes, firewall) that are not suppose to be scanned (best practice). 
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  • Passive Scanner Plugins out of date

    In Security Center my passive scanner always shows "plugins out of date". I have re-registered the scanner and double check login info but it continuous to stay in this state. How can I fix this?
    created by ineed
  • Apache Tomcat

    Has anyone yet found a way to identify all servers in your environment running apache tomcat? I'd love a straightforward way to answer the question "what servers do i have running apache [for example] 7.x.
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  • Capturing Totals of Individual Vulnerability Titles (by severity)

    Tool: Vulnerability Summary Filters: Severity (Critical, High, etc.) SC Version: 5.4.3   Hello!   I've tried creating a matrix to count the totals, but it returns the cumulative # of vulnerability insta...
    created by warrengaffney
  • Groups, Roles, Users with Dashboard Sharing

    I've run this past a couple of Tenable support personnel, and I cannot get a consensus on how to achieve our goal.  I'd like to confirm we're out of luck, or if there is a way to achieve what we want to do. To m...
    created by dmiller4
  • Discovery Scan Showing Extra Plugins

    I'm trying to but together and Alert and possibly a report for newly discovered systems on the network.  I am following the guidance for the scan settings that are contained here: Using Nessus For Host Discovery ...
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  • Nessus Professional Printer Scans

    I am seeing a lot of outdated posts online from people inquiring about enabling printer scans and trying this out and being told this is a bad idea and can result in a lot of printer related problems. I am not seeing ...
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  • ESXi - custom audit - Lockdown Mode

    Good morning.   Support pointed me here.   I am trying to set up a custom audit for our ESXi environment.  I have been successful in modifying provided audits for our needs but am getting stuck with t...
    created by ejs2010
  • Active Scan disappeared?

    I setup one of our scans to do a Once scheduled scan in the after hours for a group of servers and noticed today that the active scan is gone.   Does it automatically delete if it's scheduled as Once? &...
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  • New to Tenable

    I seem to be missing a step somewhere in my process. I am running a scan against all of our pc's. I get the monthly scan report and I work with our desktop support team to have them patch the listed vulnerabilities. T...
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  • How to change severity of a custom audit?

    I have a very basic audit file for a HP-UX system that prints the list of users from the '/etc/passwd' file.  (I could not find a 'Enumerate Local Users' plugin for HP-UX that exists for RedHat and Windows and ot...
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  • SC Vulnerabilities to CSV

    Query an SC server and convert the vulnerabilities returned to CSV format. Before querying the server you may need to modify the filters to pickup the vulnerabilities you want.
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  • Changing dashboard refresh/schedule time

    Some of my dashboard components have a schedule field for the refresh time. Others do not. How do I change the schedule time on the ones that have no option for that?
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  • Plugin to IAVM cross reference

    Is there an IAVM to Plugin cross reference list available anywhere? This would help immensely, as we need to identify which plugins are associated to each IAVM.
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  • Tenable.io external scanner

    Hi,   we are testing tenable.io in our company and we have some issues. We installed agents on our machines and linked them to tennable.io.  Agents are visible and they have their private IP addresses. Ho...
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