• CIS scan not returning accurate results. Ensure 'Hardened UNC Paths' is set to Enabled.....

    Hello,   I've implemented CIS control,  Windows 10 Enterprise Release 1511_Benchmark_v1.1.1, into my test environment. The GPO is being pushed to the client machine is working as planned but when I do a vul...
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  • Perl SecurityCenter 5 API Example

    The file contains a sample API script for SecurityCenter 5. Updated 3 Nov 2016 for authentication changes.
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  • Correct offline nessus.license location

    Hi, I'm pretty new to Nessus and had a Offline PC asset question.   As I was reading the page "Getting Started > Register Nessus Offline > Download License" it instructs to copy the nessus.license to C:\Pr...
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  • Nessus Scanner/Manager under Security Center

    Good afternoon.   I have a Nessus scanner connected to an enterprise SecurityCenter server.   We do not have access to the SecurityCenter, and we therefore are currently required to use a shared account o...
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  • Security Center scanning devices with a banner

    When scanning the new firewalls via ssh, a banner is always displayed that must be OK'd. This is part of the required FIPS configuration and it cannot be turned off or disabled.  Does Security Center have a plug-...
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  • Duplicate Dynamic Asset List

    Recently one of my colleagues accidentally added an asset list group, that has caused us problems.  They were added with (1) to them which made it easy to identity and remove, but since then we have see errors wh...
  • Asset detection

    I have a few windows machines showing up as Linux hosts assets. How do I troubleshoot this?
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  • False Positive: ping.asp CGI Arbitrary Command Execution

    When we do certain types of scans (especially External ASV PCI-DSS scans), we regularly get false positives for the "[HIGH] ping.asp CGI Arbitrary Command Execution" vulnerability, with the description "The 'ping.asp'...
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  • Is there a way to just use classic view in ACAS? Please?

    The scrolling through the results is killing me. Once you go back it goes all the way back to the top of the results. I have 500 results to scroll through. Is there any way to go back to the click through?
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  • SCAP Scoring by Host in %

    Hello Community/Team,     My organization and I have been piecing together how to satisfy a new compliance scanning requirement via Security Center.  We have discovered that DISA STIG compliance scans ...
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  • All of sudden failed authentication scans on certain subents??

    Over the weekend our network folks attempted to move us over to a new firewall. That didn't go to smoothly and Monday morning they had to roll back to the original firewall.   Now all of sudden I can't scan ce...
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  • How do I scan with Benchmark OVAL/SCAP content?

    I am attempting to scan my Windows 10 laptop with the DISA-provided Windows 10 benchmark. This includes SCAP/OVAL tests. I went to add an audit file and selected the Custom/Advanced method. When importing the benchmar...
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  • Credential Scan Failures

    Hello,   I am experiencing issues with my credential scans failing due to "It was not possible to log into the remote host via SMB (invalid credentials). So I had the systems team validate that the correct servi...
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  • nessus python script - export in format pdf/html

    hello anyone maybe can help me, i try many of scripts and nothing help me   i want export scan result   anyone have some good script to do it ?
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  • Question in regards to Nessus and PVS

    I'm using the appliance and have PVS and Nessus enabled. Now, PVS is not currently listening to any traffic, although it is enabled and configured, but in the mean time I have the Nessus scanner running alongside it. ...
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  • How do I filter by OS?

    I'm using Analysis->Vulnerabilities to look up some data. Now I need to filter the list by OS. The closest thing I'm coming across is the "Application CPE" filter. However when I try filtering to "Contains" -> "...
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  • Unable to reset activation code

    I'm trying to reset my activation code so I can transfer Nessus to a different PC. However, I'm unable to see the activation code when I login to the Support Portal. When I go to the Activation Codes menu, I can see t...
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  • Question about Sharing scans

    So I have a few question about sharing scans.   I have multiple repositories for different devices. For example, Device Set 1, Device Set 2, and Device Set 3. I have some users who only need access to Device Set...
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  • Nessus 5.0 Tip for Advanced Users: "Audit Trail" feature

    One of the new features of Nessus 5 is that we added what we call an "audit trail".   An "audit trail" is basically the opposite of a scan. It's a trail that will tell you why a given plugin is NOT showing up in...
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  • Cisco IP phones 7975/7911

    Is there a way to get a credentialed scan on these devices?  Thanks...
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