• Nessus Plugin RSS Feed

    Hi All,   I notice that the Nessus RSS feeds detailing new nessus plugins as they are released has stopped posting as of June 14th.   - Could someone please direct me to anywhere this information is being...
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  • Nessus scan

    Nessus scanner v6.5 network scan cause target windows server services down. As result, need to reboot the windows server. Any advice on this?
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  • Reliability of the Vulnerability Status - "Previously Mitigated"

    2 Active Scan questions:   1) Can anyone confirm that when you go with the Active Scan default and have "Immediately remove vulnerabilities from scanned host that do not reply" enabled, SecurityCenter will chang...
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  • Authentication Failures - 21745 Information Needed

    I have separated all of the reasons for my authentication failures and would like to know what each of them means. I have put up several post but have not received a response. There are still several reasons for failu...
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  • Non-Domain System Scans

    I am attempting to scan some non-domain systems that I have. They are all different types of operating systems (Windows 7, server 2008, and server 2012). I am not able to do a credentialed scan on these boxes with the...
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  • 21745 - Authentication Failure

    I am currently creating a dashboard component with all the authentication failures. My first box has the total and the following have the reasons they are failing. I would like to know if there are any other reasons w...
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  • Plugin 21745 Issue

    Plugin 21745 Last Modified Date: May 30, 2017 Additional failure information from ssh_get_info2.nasl : The remote host is not currently supported by this plugin.   Security Center: 5.4.3 Credential Types: SS...
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  • i have 3 KB's that have been installed, but are still showing up in the scans any ideas? Thanks KB2813430, 4014565 and 4014503

    i have 3 KB's that have been installed, but are still showing up in the scans any ideas? Thanks KB2813430, 4014565 and 4014503
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  • Python SDK - How do I show scan details?

    I am trying to retrieve scan details equivalent to the API endpoint GET /scans/{scan_id} Any tips?   from tenable_io.client import TenableIOClient client = TenableIOClient() scan = client.scan_helper.id(33) pri...
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  • How To Run an External Asset Scan with Tenable.io in Just Four Lines of Python - Blog | Tenable

    On the Tenable Blog this week, Andrew Scott demonstrated how easy and practical it is to use the new Tenable.io SDK/API in How to Run an External Asset Scan with Tenable.io in Just Four Lines of Python. Did anyone...
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  • Nessus Notification Top 5

    Is there a way to change the Nessus email notification from showing only the Top 5 to showing all or more?
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  • Clarification - Asset List

    HI All, I have created an asset list and used that in the scan profile.  The number of machines discovered is around 1000.   When use the IP subnets in the scan profile instead of the asset list, the numb...
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  • Security Center Report

       Hello,                I have made a few reports in Security Center. In the reports I would like to make the information in the PDF a ...
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  • Create Dynamic Asset for Windows hosts, excluding Windows 7

    What would be the best way to create dynamic asset group that contains everything with OS containing windows, but exclude Windows 7? I know it can be done with Combination asset, but only Dynamic can be used to restri...
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  • Reversing a loaded webshell (and honeypot domain).

    Good morning Tenable Sec (and community).   I recently did an analysis and full reversal of the elusive FOPO encoding / encryption.  I wanted to share this as a tuto in hopes it may help someone in their pr...
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  • One or multiple repositories?

    Space is not an issue so multiple repositories is possible but I'm concerned more about efficiency when it comes to pulling reports from a larger repository.  Is there a performance drop with large repositories?
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  • Linux  - private/public key authentication

    Hi All, I am using the private/public key authentication method for the linux instead of root credentials.   Generated private/public key using Putty. Stored the private key in the Nessus SC with the user name ...
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  • LCE 5.0.1 JSON Parse Exceptions

    After upgrading to LCE 5.0.1, I notice a number of JSON parse exception errors appear in the general LCE log (e.g. /opt/lce/admin/log/2017Jul.log).   Here is an example:   Jul 01, 17 06:36 (dbWriter09) ERRO...
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  • Active Scan disappeared?

    I setup one of our scans to do a Once scheduled scan in the after hours for a group of servers and noticed today that the active scan is gone.   Does it automatically delete if it's scheduled as Once? &...
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  • High CPU on Targets during Basic Network Scan

    Hello,   On about 2% of the estate I am seeing high cpu on the target servers when I run a basic network scan.   I customized it slightly  :   Enable Safe checks Stop scanning host that become ...
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