• How can I block Java plugins for a group of servers?

    hi, I am new to tenable.io.   I have a group of servers that we cannot update Java on due to application issues.   I want to mask/hide the critical vulns for these servers.  I know I can crea...
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  • Tenable.io Host Scan

    I have been attempting to get the host scan to work and I keep coming up short. I know that the cloud scanners won't work on RFC 1918 networks, but every time I use my local scanner to do the scan it only returns my l...
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  • Some Queries on Tenable.io

    Hi,   I have Nessus Professional as a scanner to assess the vulnerabilities and currently the vulnerability management has been a manual task.I just wanted to know in order to to automate the vulnerability manag...
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  • How can I remove false IP addresses from asset dashboard view in tenable.io

    Hi, I have a string of false devices that appear in the asset dashboard on tenable .io.   The devices do not exist.   It says there are 254 of the devices. to   It says ...
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  • Rejected attempt to scan, as it violates user-defined rules

    I registered for the 7 day trial of tenable.io cloud scanner.   Have gotten this message for all attempted scans.  Tried two different computers, windows 10 and a chromebox with three different browsers...
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  • Nessus agents

    hello all,   We have Nessus cloud license and we have never used in our environment. We would Like to start somewhere. We have license up to 3500 assets. We do not install agents anywhere in the network. how to ...
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  • Linking scan results to a host UUID

    [Context: Agent Scans in AWS for ASG and High Instance Turnover environments. Using Agent Groups to scan specific environments.] So, if I look at my scans: GET /scans (Tenable.io API Documentation) I can then pick ...
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  • Is there a non-API way to see if there are agents not in a group?

    I am deploying to over 4000 computers. Is there a way to list agents that aren't in a group?
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  • Random Alphabet Soup Usernames trying to Login - Related to Nessus Agent?

    In my SIEM I see hundreds of alphabet soup login attempts, from usernames 8 characters long, roughly around the time our Nessus scans run. I have seen similar questions posed, but in every case they refer to deactivat...
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  • AirWatch MDM with Tenable.io

    Will Tenable.io integrate with MDM like AirWatch?
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  • Remote Scans fail to discover any hosts

    Hi Guys,   Here is my setup: 1- I have configured a remote scanner (IP in my cloud account which is online and updated. 2- The local interface of the scanner: 3- I configured a network scan ...
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  • Variance in findings between Qualys and Tenable PCI ASV Scan?

    We are migrating from Qualys to Tenable's PCI Perimeter Scan service and have some questions about findings we are seeing in our first Tenable PCI ASV scan, but not in a current Qualys PCI ASV scan of the same IPs. &n...
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  • Nessus Perimeter Service User Guide Update

    The Nessus Perimeter Service User Guide has been updated to include information about a new scan policy, PCI-DSS ASV Scan (low bandwidth).  This policy is identical to the PCI DSS policy with the exception of the...
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  • Perimeter service vs. other ASV options

    I've used both Qualys and Rapid7 for our external PCI scanning and during the use of these two I found many times under the Rapid7 realm that the scanner would report alot of vulnerabilities that did not show up as PC...
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  • Support for XML-RPC automation?

    Does the Nessus Perimeter Service support automation via XML-RPC calls the same way the local installs do?   Chris
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  • Perimeter Service Reviews?

    Are there any subscribers of the Perimeter service willing to share their experience with the service level from Tenable? We are a strong Nessus shop, so not looking for a Nessus review, but more of the Tenable *clo...
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  • Show only changes to scans

    One use case we have is to be notified when anything changes as seen from the outside. So we would like to perform daily Nessus scans using our perimeter service, but only get a report when something is different fro...
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  • can not diff scans on PS

    when I try to, on first click nothing happens, on second click I get obscure error: [object Object]
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  • OpenSSL detected in Nessus scan

    I have a question regarding plugin id 73412 with Port/service 8445 (localhost).   Looking at the report for a recent scan against our LAN, our nessus server shows to have the "heartbleed" vulnerability. During t...
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  • When will the cloud scan move to Nessus v6?

    I'm looking for an estimated date when the Nessus Cloud will migrate to version 6. I wanted to know around when i would need to tell my applications to use the new V6 API over the old legacy one..   Thanks!
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