• Assets showing up in subnets that don't exist

    We're seeing some very strange behavior with tenable.io and macOS agents. We have a few systems (its hard to get total numbers as the 5k asset limit is preventing me from seeing everything) that are reporting as being...
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  • Searching the tenable.io API Documentation

    On the official documentation page, https://cloud.tenable.com/api#/overview   I see no way to search for attributes, methods, classes or anything else. Is there no actual search available for this? Do I really h...
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  • Evaluating Tenable.io WAS - not getting authenticated

    I'm evaluating Tenable.io web application scanning. I'm trying to get a scan going on one of our web sites with a form-based login but not getting anywhere.   I've sent an email to eval@tenable.com but have not...
  • Inactive Agents (new feature)

    Ability to automatically un-link stale agents after a user-configurable number of days (default is 30 days)   So many questions. If the asset is unlinked and comes back online, does a human have to rerun the com...
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  • cloud.tenable.com down?

    No one from my company can login. The login page loads, but when you enter credentials it loads a blank white page and shows the animated loading icon in the bottom left. After a few minutes it boots you back to the l...
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  • Tenable.io alerting

    Does tenable.io support alerts based on queries like in Security Center? I need some way to be notified of specific vulnerability findings.
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  • docker image scan

    We plan to use tenable IO to scan dockers. I wonder if we can point the scanner to system IP and scan the dockers, or we have to upload the dockers images to tenable IO, then scan.   Thanks
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  • Nessus Agent Privilege Needed?

    What privileges does a user need to install the Nessus Agent? If any?   Thanks
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  • scan of Web Application with oauth authentication

    How can I run a scan of web application which is protected by oauth authentication? oauth server is separate from my web application. when i introduce all requested parameters at login form i always receive authen...
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  • Nessus Agent Upgrade

    Hello,   Do Nessus Agents automatically update themselves to the most up-to-date version or does it require a manual push or another tool such as BigFix?
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  • HP System Management Homepage false positive

    Hi   We have tenable.io and there are a few HP servers which have been identified as having an out of date version of SMH installed (as far back as v2), but we can't find anything other than 7.6.6 on the boxes. ...
  • Tenable.io Report/list of remediation commands

    Hello, i can run a compliance scan which shows me all the items and the remediation for the red ones. I still can not find a way to get a list of commands to be applied on one system to get it remediated. Is there a ...
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  • JAMF PRO MDM with Tenable.io

    Is Jamf Pro supported with Tenable.io as an MDM provider? Thanks,
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  • Scheduling Vulnerabilities Scans

    I am planning to run Vulnerabilities scan using Tenable, for that I have created multiple scans ( Lets Say Scan1, Scan2, Scan3 ), I want to schedule the scans like On every month 1st Saturday night Scan1 should ru...
  • E-Mail report for my Vulnerabilities Scan

    I am running Vulnerabilities scan, My requirement is up on completion of the scan, scan report should be sent to particular team based on the product.   For example 1) If scan find out that there are Vulnerabili...
  • Policy Compliance Auditing

    When using Cloud 6.7.0 and the policy compliance audit the scan runs for a few seconds then returns "Scan forbidden Rejected attempt to scan ip-172-xx-xx-xxx.us-west-1.compute.internal, as it violates user-defined r...
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  • Network printers

    Hi All,   We are start the deployment of tenable IO and we are having problems with printers.   They receive few vulnerabilities but there is 0 information on how to patch printers.   Here is a exam...
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  • Exceeding the 5000 limit for Tenable.IO API

    Hi,   We have developed a Powershell application to let us do bulk agent management in Tenable.IO through the API. Our deployment is over 5000 agents and we have hit a limit in the number of devices returned. &n...
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  • Why Web Application Scan cannot be directed to a local Nessus scanner?

    Subj. There are many cases when it will be beneficial, for example for Intranet web services, staging services behind ACLs, etc.
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  • Discovery scan of 400,000+ IP's. Getting near no results.

    Hi there.   I'm currently performing discovery of a datacentre with up to 100 subnets ranging from /16's to /30's. This is just the initial phase before moving onto bigger areas of the network, so I'm trying to ...
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