• Nessus Scanner/Manager under Security Center

    Good afternoon.   I have a Nessus scanner connected to an enterprise SecurityCenter server.   We do not have access to the SecurityCenter, and we therefore are currently required to use a shared account o...
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  • Security Center scanning devices with a banner

    When scanning the new firewalls via ssh, a banner is always displayed that must be OK'd. This is part of the required FIPS configuration and it cannot be turned off or disabled.  Does Security Center have a plug-...
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  • Duplicate Dynamic Asset List

    Recently one of my colleagues accidentally added an asset list group, that has caused us problems.  They were added with (1) to them which made it easy to identity and remove, but since then we have see errors wh...
  • Asset detection

    I have a few windows machines showing up as Linux hosts assets. How do I troubleshoot this?
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  • Is there a way to just use classic view in ACAS? Please?

    The scrolling through the results is killing me. Once you go back it goes all the way back to the top of the results. I have 500 results to scroll through. Is there any way to go back to the click through?
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  • How do I filter by OS?

    I'm using Analysis->Vulnerabilities to look up some data. Now I need to filter the list by OS. The closest thing I'm coming across is the "Application CPE" filter. However when I try filtering to "Contains" -> "...
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  • Question about Sharing scans

    So I have a few question about sharing scans.   I have multiple repositories for different devices. For example, Device Set 1, Device Set 2, and Device Set 3. I have some users who only need access to Device Set...
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  • Assets Groups and tracking

    I need to clean up some of my assets, regardless or static, dynamic or any other type. Just before there are too many and get out of hand. If I just delete them, I have no idea the impact on the system. Is there a wa...
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  • Security Center Results View

    Dear Team,   I want to share the results of Security Center scan into shared folder, is this option doable? I know we have publishing through website, but can we do it for shared folder.   Another question...
  • Using Dynamic Asset Lists for Vulnerability Scanning

    Hello,        My current program structure uses daily Host Discovery scans to footprint devices on our network, then we would like to use the data enumerated to create dynamic assets lists to...
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  • SC Compliance report table creation, help needed

    Hi   After scan of several servers for compliance settings, I need a report table where I can see actual status of the checks one by one. The report could be csv og pdf Table should be like this:   Name&...
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  • Adding a new scanner to SecurityCenter (CLI)

    Forgive me for what is likely a basic question, but reading through the PDF Admin Guide and the online docs, I'm still not clear. I'm trying to add a brand new nessus scanner to our existing SecurityCenter. However, I...
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  • Plugins (Active, Passive, Events. Compliance) not consuming IP license on SCCV

    Hi Guys,   Do you have any idea on what specific plugins (ID) that don't consume any IP licenses on SCCV if run/enabled?   Thanks in advcance!
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  • SC 5.4.3 Scan Results stuck Importing

    I have a scan result that is stuck with a status of "Importing".    There is no option to delete it. The delete option is not presented next to the gear icon; just view. There is plenty of resources and f...
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  • Disabling TLS 1.0 , TLS 1.1 , ciphers DES/3DES on SC over port 443

    Hi would appreciate if anyone could advice how to Disable TLS 1.0 , TLS 1.1 , ciphers DES/3DES on SC over port 443  
  • IP Licensing...counting them up.

    Is there a way to generate a list of the IP addresses that are counted against our license? I'm creeping close to our license limit and want to see what IPs are counting against us. Thanks!
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  • Security Center concerns

    Dear Team,   I want to do auditing for SharePoint 2013 using Security Center, but I can see only SharePoint 2010. Also there is old audit versions for office, exchange servers and others but no audits for latest...
  • Best Practice for Report Templates?

    Hello all,   I was wondering if people had a best practice they use for reporting templates for re-using reports.  I've got my single host remediation and important details report fairly well tuned at this ...
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  • Combination Assets

    Can someone provide a explanation on how combination assets work.  If I have the following:   Asset A - -, Asset B - -, 192.16...
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  • Setting an Security Center alert triggered by scanning activity from non-approved scanners

    Hello,   Is it possible to set a Security Center alert that would alert on scans-like activity coming from IPs other than approved corporate scanners? I have known list of destination IPs, also known list of a...
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