• Old server detected in SecurityCenter

    In my organization, SecurityCenter is still detecting a sensor that is pointing to a server that is no longer in use, which is causing many events in the reports.  How can I have SC forget (for lack of a better w...
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  • Severity Trending Component Flat-Lines

    Good day.   Any suggestions on what would cause a dashboard component to do the following?   That's the standard Severity Trending component configured for "Within 25 Days." Sometimes the component is re...
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  • Plugins Out of Sync

    SC - 5.4.0 Nessus - 6.10.1 Patched to: SC201611.1-5.x - PHP   Getting Plugins Out of Sync error after installing new upload patch CM-208816-sc-upload-fix.sh. Is there a backout for this or some other way to f...
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  • Showing Patches that have been superseded

    In Security Center under Policies, In the Edit Policy Advanced Scan, Report , I turned off the "Show missing patches that have been superseded" But we are still showing them, is there something else we need to do? Th...
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  • Scan Knocking over Firewalls - Policy Tweaks?

    Two scans we ran this morning knocked over several firewalls in one of our units. Both were examing approximately 1000 hosts. The scan policy we used for these scans had the Performance Parameters shown in the scree...
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  • Why do I get error code 143 in a Security Center 4.8.2 analysis where I filter for multiple CCE-ID's (separated by comma) under the "CCE ID" tab within the "ID Filter"?

    Error code: 143 Error message: Unable to process vuln Query. SecurityCenter could not process the vulnerability filter string (SC4_ROOT=/opt/sc4 /opt/sc4/bin/showvulns  +orgid "1" +groupid "4" +tool 'sumid' +so...
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  • REST API IAVM filter

    I'm trying to add a filter which would allow me to see only those found vulnerabilities that have an associated IAVM. So far Google and forum searches aren't getting me anywhere. Ideas?
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  • How to display results from a list of PluginIDs?

    I need the ability to display scan results that match a list of PluginIDs and exclude all other results.  I have tried creating a dynamic asset, filters and queries but I have had zero success.   All I want...
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  • Agents and Nessus Manager

    So here I am evaluating Nessus Manager + Agents. OMG so much easier than what I was doing. I think we're going to buy the solution, but I am confused about a couple of things:   Let's say we buy this. Do I just ...
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  • ACAS SCAP scan error on Win2012R2 DC

    ACAS is failing to scan Windows 2012R2 Domain Controllers when using the SCAP Compliance check.  Plugin 66758 reports "Couldn't retrieve OVAL results for CPE check". When built as a Windows 2012R2 Member Server,...
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  • Allow user access to multiple repositories

    Hi,   I am looking for a way to give user access to multiple repositories. Let me know if there is a more optimal way of doing this.   Currently, I have a variety of repositories to split up various device...
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  • Cross Reference information doesn't show up in SC for uploaded compliance scan results

    We have a requirement to import compliance scan results from one Security Center to another, which we've accomplished using the "Download" option for the Scan Results and uploading the .nessus file produced into the s...
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  • Hostname Resolution/Troubleshooting?

    In large scans under SC 5.4.4 control, results are sometimes (maybe 20%) returned with MACs and NetBIOS names but DNS results are absent (blank).   Can someone describe how name resolution proceeds on Windows t...
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  • Best practices for web application scans

    Hello,   We've got a pretty good handle on our server scans, and are now turning our attention to our web applications.  I've got a list of URLs similar to the following:   http://domain1.com/applicat...
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  • Error loading compliance Plugin # Plugin # does not exist.

    Hi, I just upgraded to SecurityCenter 5.4.4 from 5.2.0. Upon upgrading, I can no longer run compliance scans using STIGs. The scan immediately errors out stating what the title of this post is.   I have tried cr...
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  • How to export / import the configuration of Security Center ?

    Good afternoon, At the moment I am running SC 5.4.4 in an old server that we plan to decommission soon. This Security Center had some issues in the past so I run some scripts I received from Tenable. Lately it is beh...
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  • how to change the defines in the configurations?

    Hello,   Is it possible to see how the configurations are defined? Or to change those defines? For example Is it possible to change the define of confidential? Because confidential is for each company diffe...
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  • Best Practice for Test Scans and Audit Files?

    Has anyone come up with a good solution or best practice for testing custom audit files and other misc scans without polluting your repository data with false positives?  I'd assumed that I could just delete the ...
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  • How do I export a dashboard component?

    I have just switched over to the Security Center 5.4 and need to know how to export a dashboard component.
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  • Receiving Partial results

    I am receiving partial scan results on some of our scans I am running, not sure why... Scan duration is set to; unlimited asset list is 530 IP, is there a another setting we are missing? SC is 5.4.0
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