• SHA1 hash for Malware scan

    Are there plans or ways to scan for SHA1 hash currently?
    created by brentbarnett
  • Failing to Load Custom Plugins in Nessus Security Center 5.4

    Hi Everyone,   I've been following all instructions I've found trying to load a plugin to the Security Center with no luck. It is important to note that the plugin works perfectly in a Nessus Scanner: I can find...
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  • How do I find scan/report names from Job Number?

    When reviewing logs, information is usually presented in job numbers. When I try to correlate the Job # to the actual name, I am not able to garner the necessary information.   Example when attempting to pull fr...
    Ronnie Pickering
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  • Assigning Vulnerabilities / Reports to Teams / Individuals

    Hi I am new to Tenable Security Center and would like to know how I can effectively do the above. Long story short is we have several hosts across multiple sites / regions (as with most organisations) in which dif...
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  • Apache Tomcat

    Has anyone yet found a way to identify all servers in your environment running apache tomcat? I'd love a straightforward way to answer the question "what servers do i have running apache [for example] 7.x.
    created by lockitdownjms
  • Changing dashboard refresh/schedule time

    Some of my dashboard components have a schedule field for the refresh time. Others do not. How do I change the schedule time on the ones that have no option for that?
    last modified by nsanders
  • Need Help

    Hi,   I have 180+ servers and performing the scans, but when i generate reports, i can see only 160 servers information.Something which I'm missing out. Can anyone help where i'm missing out?   I have crea...
    last modified by mohamad.nazrulla
  • Adding display columns in a report

    I have a device discovery scan that I need to export to CSV. I would like it to contain DNS name, IP address, and OS, however, I can't seem to find the option to get them all in the report. I can select each, which is...
    last modified by brianpohlman
  • WARNING - Query #.. used to generate source data is inactive.

    I'm currently using SC 5.3.1.  Does anyone know what this error is and how to fix it?  We are getting a bunch of these in our system logs.  Thanks in advance.
    last modified by qhtenable
  • Number of days to wait before removing dead hosts

    1-6, then it jumps to 30? Is there any reason this isn't just a text box I can enter any number I want? That huge gap between 6 and 30 is killing me. 6 days is way too short but 30 is too long. Why :-(
    last modified by nsanders
  • SC API - Unable to authenticate

    Hello,   I am unable to authenticate to generate a token to start using the Security Center API. I keep getting a 403 error, even though my credentials are correct.   The user account is using LDAP.  ...
    last modified by boston-2017
  • Cannot communicate with securitycenter.  A request to the backend timed out or failed.

      Has anyone received this error before?  I receive it whenever I attempt to delete Audit Files or Update a policy.  I'm sure I would probably receive it if doing other similar activities, but I haven'...
    last modified by rkfletch@hsb
  • SecurityCenter 5.4.5 Upgrade

    Hello All,   Where can I find step by step instructions with commands to upgrade my SecCen from 5.4.4 to 5.4.5?  Thanks in advance.
    last modified by mara037
  • Days to Mitigate Filter Not Working

    Anyone else run into these kinds of results (see below) or more importantly know what I can do to correct it? Running against the Mitigated DB, I set the Days to Mitigate filter to between 0 and 90 but when I drill...
    last modified by futrick
  • Plugin upload error

    While attempting to upload my plugins manually, I keep getting the following error:   Error on file upload (code 6).   Please assist.  Thanks.
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  • Nothing happens when I open the client

    Hi there, My manager tried installing the client on his personal machine and a server and when he tried opening it he said nothing happened. He thought our anti-virus software was blocking it however I checked and ...
    last modified by qasimhaji
  • Create custom report from custom scan results

    I have created a scan policy and a functioning active scan to simply look for any ports that should not be open.  When I go to the scan results page and browse the results I see the vulnerability summary just as ...
    last modified by andrewbrooks845
  • Thousands of agent assets missing after scan import to Security Center

    When I check the last run of an agent scan history it shows me how many agents were scanned out of the total deployed. However, when we import this data in to Security Center the final number is off by more than a tho...
    last modified by nsanders
  • Reports in Security Center

    I have setup a SC (Security Center) portal for external scanning of infrastructure, web apps etc. These are scheduled and run regulalrly, the problem I am having is the reporting.   For instance trying to carry...
    last modified by laned1011
  • Specifying Domain Name within SC Asset

    Hello,   We're running ACAS SC version 5.4.5 which uses four (4) 6.10.2 Nessus Servers for scanning.   Our Active Directory contains several domains and I'm trying to setup a Dynamic Asset that defines onl...
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