• Reliability of the Vulnerability Status - "Previously Mitigated"

    2 Active Scan questions:   1) Can anyone confirm that when you go with the Active Scan default and have "Immediately remove vulnerabilities from scanned host that do not reply" enabled, SecurityCenter will chang...
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  • Non-Domain System Scans

    I am attempting to scan some non-domain systems that I have. They are all different types of operating systems (Windows 7, server 2008, and server 2012). I am not able to do a credentialed scan on these boxes with the...
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  • 21745 - Authentication Failure

    I am currently creating a dashboard component with all the authentication failures. My first box has the total and the following have the reasons they are failing. I would like to know if there are any other reasons w...
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  • Clarification - Asset List

    HI All, I have created an asset list and used that in the scan profile.  The number of machines discovered is around 1000.   When use the IP subnets in the scan profile instead of the asset list, the numb...
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  • Create Dynamic Asset for Windows hosts, excluding Windows 7

    What would be the best way to create dynamic asset group that contains everything with OS containing windows, but exclude Windows 7? I know it can be done with Combination asset, but only Dynamic can be used to restri...
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  • One or multiple repositories?

    Space is not an issue so multiple repositories is possible but I'm concerned more about efficiency when it comes to pulling reports from a larger repository.  Is there a performance drop with large repositories?
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  • Linux  - private/public key authentication

    Hi All, I am using the private/public key authentication method for the linux instead of root credentials.   Generated private/public key using Putty. Stored the private key in the Nessus SC with the user name ...
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  • LDAP Query Asset Troubelshooting

    Hello,   In my organization we have a "Quarantine" OU in AD where all of our assets are moved to if they do not meet specific criteria. We have set up a scan that runs and searches based on LDAP query for that s...
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  • Windows Domain GPO Audit Report

    Hello,   I was looking for a report that would show any GPO changes. The changes would include any additions, changes, or deletions of Global policy rules.
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  • Plugin change report

    In SecurityCenter, I've created a report to get the plugins that have been published or modified in the last 30 days. Is there a way to get the plugin state? (Enabled or Disabled). I have a number of plugins that have...
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  • Adobe Flash Updating Issues - Update

    Previously Posted Hey all, So after several days of research I am at a bit of a loss. Security Center has flagged almost our entire server environment as having outdated Adobe Flash installation. However, we don't ins...
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  • Unable to build results file. Invalid results in Chunk 'Chunk-*'.

    I've started getting this error on one of my scans "Unable to build results file. Invalid results in Chunk 'Chunk-*'"   I've checked the logs from the scans and the chunk is being created by different scanners s...
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  • SCAP scan plugin conflict

    I am attempting to scan a RHEL server that I have successfully scanned before but I am getting conflicting information from 2 plugins:   Plugin 19506: Credentialed checks: yes, as 'root' via ssh   Plugin ...
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  • There Haven't Been Any Plugin Releases in a Month?

    Nessus Plugins   There has not been a single plugin released since a bit before 6.22.17. Why has there been about a month of no plugin changes?
    Ronnie Pickering
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  • Possible to *not* send empty reports?

    Is it possible to have a report self-cancel and not be generated/emailed if the associated query returns no results?
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  • Linux Compliance Check - File systems should not have world-writable permissions

    Hi there,   I am trying to achieve this compliance check for my Red Hat Servers.   To ensure permissions of mounted file systems should not have world-writable permissions. If world-writable permissions ex...
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  • Important: BUG? Disabling one plugin disables all new?

    Hey All,   So I've just discovered - much to my annoyance - that within SecurityCenter > Policies > Plugins  - if you disable ONE plugin within a family (for example, disabling a Windows INFO plugin t...
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  • Linux Cmd_Exec File permission check error.

    This is my audit command in my audit file: <custom_item> system  : "Linux" type   : CMD_EXEC description : "file permission check" cmd   : "ls -l /var/spool/cron/root" expect  : "^...
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  • Dashboard creation SC 5.4.5

    Is there a way to create a dashboard that would show the following information:   1.) Number of assets not seen or alive in 'x' amount of days (lets say 7 days or 30 days) etc   2.) What is getting scann...
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  • Setting Dashboard Permissions?

    Is there a way to set which users can create, modify, or delete dashboards?  I don't see these in the Roles section.  With a large user base, we are having issues with users creating duplicate dashboards or ...
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