• Tenable, let's talk UI

    If you show me a data set with a number of columns, you need to make every column filterable.   Specifically, when looking at Analysis->Vulnerabilities, one of the columns is NetBIOS. Yet, you can't actually ...
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  • Tenable agent

    Is it now possible to have tenable agent that can be manged with Security center or we must buy subscription for cloud service? If cloud is necessary what companies that decided to have on prem solution can expexct in...
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  • Vulnerability Published Date

    Does anyone have an explication why not every vulnerability has a vulnerability published date? I am working in SecurityCenter and just uncovered this today.   Here is one example - Plugin ID 103172. In our sy...
    created by rbeaudr
  • Complex audit file for Windows Built-in accounts

    Hi   Scenario: Find local and domain users from Servers that have Password Never Expires enabled. For some accounts check if they are in Local Administrators group and whether they have Logon Locally privilege....
    created by ramil
  • Credentialed scanning on workgroup servers.

    Hi,   We have a number of Windows 2008/2012 workgroup computers that we'd like to perform credentialed scans on, but we are not permitted to have any accounts use the same password so even if we were to create a...
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  • Security Center 5.6 issue

    After updating to SC 5.6 SC lost the ability to multi-task.  It will only run 1 process at a time.  We have 8 nessus scanners attached and it will not start a scan on nessus 1 until the scan on nessus 3 is c...
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  • Malware Scan

    In Security Center there is the option to setup a policy for Malware and to add your own MD5 Hashes.  Does the policy scan for malware without uploading the MD5 hashes?  If so is there a link that shows what...
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  • Security Center and CVSS Version

    Can any body inform me of the CVSS Version Security Center is using, is it still v2 or has it moved over to v3. If it is still v2, do we know the projection date to v3.   Thanks in advance.
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  • PHP Release Notes - 11/17/2017

    Because Tenable doesn't seem to be posting them to Community anymore, here you go:   https://docs.tenable.com/releasenotes/securitycenter/securitycenter77.htm   This patch will update php to 5.6.32, and ope...
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  • Cleaning up a leftover ACAS system. Need help figuring out what's going on

    Sorry for the vague title, but I have multiple questions that fall under the larger scope of "unorganized ACAS system". So let me give you a bit of my background, then my problem, and hopefully we can meet somewhere i...
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  • Post Scanning Options

    I have nightly scans of different groups.  So when I review in the morning, sometimes I will manually update the unit in question. I have what I consider a one-off, manual scan that I set off after I make update...
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  • Windows 2016 credentialed scan

    I have a 2016 server that always reports back that it is up to date. I know is it's missing patches. Do i need to do something to get Server 2016 to work? I am running the credentialed  patch audit scan.
    created by donniewu
  • Remediation Scan Credentials

    I am verifying today but I believe some or all Remediation scans are using more than the credentials that I provide.  We collect event logs from workstations and servers and when I run a normal scan I do not get ...
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  • Graphs vs Vulnerability Analysis

    Graphs. I really kind of hate graphs because half the time I don't trust the data it shows me because of how much variance you can get depending how you built the graph (what filters, what sources, every change has ma...
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  • Dead host settings

    We have our individual scan settings set to drop dead hosts after 30 days, however, when we go into Analysis-Vulnerabilities we're showing last discovered times of over 30 days for a server we know has been decomm'd (...
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  • Retiring in Job Queue

    We had  troublesome report that got itself stuck in the Job Queue and was forcing others reports to be in "queuing " status. To clear this, it was deleted and in the Job queue I was forced to "kill' it. The stat...
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  • SecurityCenter 5.6.0?

    From Tenable Security Advisory TNS-2017-13, released 01 November: "Tenable has released SecurityCenter 5.6.0 to address this issue. The new version can be obtained from the Tenable Support Portal. https://support.ten...
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  • Log of deleted systems

    In SecurityCenter you can set data retention on how long to remove an "old IP" that hasn't been scanned in X days. Where can I see a  log of when this happens and what IPs were removed? We just had a sudden drop ...
    created by nsanders
  • SecurityCenter front-end frustrations with Scan Results

    The front-end on SecurityCenter drives me insane. Especially when trying to view Scan Results.   Scenario: A bunch of scans failed to import (don't get me started on why). Now I have to manually reimport these ...
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  • Unlock a locked account from SecurityCenter Admin portal?

    Due to a local authentication issue my non-admin account was locked in SecurityCenter. I assumed I could login to my Admin account and unlock it, but alas you can't seem to manage regulard users from the Admin portal....
    created by nsanders