• Nessus scan

    Nessus scanner v6.5 network scan cause target windows server services down. As result, need to reboot the windows server. Any advice on this?
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  • Plugin 21745 Issue

    Plugin 21745 Last Modified Date: May 30, 2017 Additional failure information from ssh_get_info2.nasl : The remote host is not currently supported by this plugin.   Security Center: 5.4.3 Credential Types: SS...
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  • i have 3 KB's that have been installed, but are still showing up in the scans any ideas? Thanks KB2813430, 4014565 and 4014503

    i have 3 KB's that have been installed, but are still showing up in the scans any ideas? Thanks KB2813430, 4014565 and 4014503
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  • Nessus Notification Top 5

    Is there a way to change the Nessus email notification from showing only the Top 5 to showing all or more?
    created by av_guy
  • High CPU on Targets during Basic Network Scan

    Hello,   On about 2% of the estate I am seeing high cpu on the target servers when I run a basic network scan.   I customized it slightly  :   Enable Safe checks Stop scanning host that become ...
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  • Segregation of Servers and Services

    I want to check below task with the help of an .audit file for RHEL 7 server.   Run each network service on a separate server whenever possible.   For E.g. If you are running an Application / CRM on a RHEL...
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  • Nessus Assessment Settings - SMTP

    Hi All,   I've been looking at our settings on one of our policies in Nessus Professional. In particular the SMTP settings.   Could someone describe exactly what these are used for by the Nessus engine? &n...
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  • SHA-384 Plugin?

    Can someone point me to a plugin for SHA-384?   Thanks!
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  • Configure Nessus from CLI or an Automated/Centralized manner?

    I found "nessusd.conf.imported" and what this is was answered in this thread (Re: Web interface inactivity timeout). The question remains, how can I modify various config options WITHOUT using the Web Interface. If I ...
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  • Authentication Failure for Solaris (id 21745)

    Hi everybody,   I have a problem with the SSH authentication when I launch a Solaris Nessus scan. It seems alright with the configuration (see the image below), then I was wondering the problem is not there......
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  • Why is there no plugin for CVE-2017-3629?

    CVE-2017-3629 for Solaris was published about a month ago, how come there is no plugin for this?
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  • Convert Nessus to Nessus Manager?

    I would like to convert one of my Nessus Professional servers to a Nessus Manager server. Can I just use a Nessus Manager registration key to convert it? Its currently a Nessus Scanner managed by Security Center.
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  • Credential Scan Failure on HP Storage EML

    I am getting 21745 on my HP Storage EML devices for the Tape Libraries. My storage team doesn't seem to be able to add my scan service account to the device. Has anyone been able to get a credentialed scan on these st...
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  • Should Oracle Java Plugins be Superseded?

    Some of our systems have Java 6 or 7 still installed. This is a work in progress, and we're working with users on eliminating the systems where this is possible. However in the meantime It appears that on many systems...
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  • Plugin 100103 - Sharepoint False Positive

    We have a Microsoft Sharepoint Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. As part of the installation it installs Microsoft Office Sharepoint Foundation 2013. An ACAS finding was showing up for Plugin 100103. In the origin...
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  • ACAS scanning protocols?

    Got a quick question for the group. I am trying to educate my microsoft system engineers and every time there is a broken process, a broken protocol connection, they assume that the scanning of ACAS breaks the system....
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  • Plugin ID 68997 is finding false positives

    After several scans here at my company, I have a constant return from plugin ID 68997 showing vulnerabilities with not being able to verify antivirus signatures.  I have updated the systems prior to scanning and ...
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  • Tenable detect if a windows OS is running as a cluster

    Hi,   I am trying to run a compliance audit file on windows os.   I want to ensure that the target windows os is running as a cluster before i allow a cluster user to be added to the loacal access group. &...
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  • YARA File Scan (Linux) (Solaris) (97862) - Error: No data received from server after opening shell

    Hi community, we are having problem detecting files by Yara rules on Linux server.   Auditing the results on Nessus, we found: "[channel 1]: No data received from server after opening shell." The credential i...
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  • Visual Studio 2005 c++ redistributable

    Hi   Has anyone else noticed that this isn't being detected as an unsupported application through an authenticated scan? My understanding is the redist went end of life on 12th July 2012 and I would expect this...
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