• Error:An untrusted cmdlet was found...

    Hi!   I'm facing a strange problem with Powershell-based permissions check in Windows registry. The requirement is to check the ACL of registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. In first iteration, I tried standard Nessus...
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  • Disable plugins for specific targets?

    I want to create a policy where I deactivate certain plugins from the "Windows" plugin family. The issue is that when I do that new plugins are disabled by default (example: I disabled a plugin on Monday and during t...
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  • max_checks and max_hosts being ignored?

    So  I set new values for both of these options on my Nessus scanner using the web UI (Settings->Advanced). However, my most recent scan log complains about these still being the default values and that I need ...
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  • Scan performance issues and tuning recommendations

    I'm asking the same question here (Re: Scan performance issues and tuning recommendations) I asked in Security Center, as it's hard to say exactly where the change should be made.   Can I change the threading/bl...
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  • Getting spammed by 104410

    We do not have SNMP credentials specified in any policies and yet this plugin is firing against every host we're scanning stating we're using incorrect SNMP credentials.   Protocol     &n...
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  • Plugin 21745 Issue

    Plugin 21745 Last Modified Date: May 30, 2017 Additional failure information from ssh_get_info2.nasl : The remote host is not currently supported by this plugin.   Security Center: 5.4.3 Credential Types: SS...
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  • Nessus SSH Login Failure

    I'm having an issue with a Nessus scan failing to log in to an SSH server to complete local checks.  SSH from the same host as is running the Nessus scan works fine, I've tried password based and public key auth....
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  • ESXi - custom audit - Lockdown Mode

    Good morning.   Support pointed me here.   I am trying to set up a custom audit for our ESXi environment.  I have been successful in modifying provided audits for our needs but am getting stuck with t...
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  • Massive failed logins from Nessus

    I made a simple change to our scan policy to disable show superseded updates and now the scanners are flooding the event logs with failed login attempts.  I am glad that I had exported the policy a few days back ...
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  • How to exclude Cisco device in audit CONFIG_CHECK

    I want to exclude a specific router based on either hostname or loopback address from an audit check. Has anyone done this? Here is what I tried:   <item> type: CONFIG_CHECK description: " NBR05 NTP Serv...
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  • Report to Audit Plugin Changes

    We have a case where a client has changed multiple plugin severities and has hidden certain plugins from reporting. I know I can see these in the "Plugin Rules" tab on the new version but I want to be able to pull a r...
  • Modifying nessusd.rules

    Does this require any kind of manual reload or restart, or does Nessus handle this itself?
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  • Plugin for n. Korean botnet

    Any news on a plugin to helps us scan for IOC of the DeltaCharlie / Hidden Cobra tools?   These are part of the North Korean Ddos Botnet infrastructure.
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  • Plugin timeline on endpoint

    Hello all! I haven't found the answer I am looking for, if you know of a post with this information feel free to link me. I am running Nessus Professional, and wondering if there is some kind of audit trail that shows...
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  • How can we implement a yara rule with import "module" functionality, in Nessus? for ex: import "hash"

    How can we implement a Yara rule with import "module" functionality, in Nessus? for ex: import "hash" Is there any prerequisites which need to be enabled before scanning ?
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  • Nessusd.messages log in another format? JSON/XML?

    Is it possible to spit out the nessusd.messages log from a scanner in another format such as JSON or XML? This would make intake to ELK a hell of a lot easier.
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  • Scans are not working

    The nightly scan jobs that we have running are not using credentialed scans (plugin ID 19506) to windows workstations.  On another instance of security center the scans are working fine.  The only difference...
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  • Nessus re-using Solaris Patch Plugin Causing Issues with Dashboards, reporting, and tracking

    I've been noticing that Nessus reuses the same plugin for each updated version of a Solaris patch. So each time Solaris updates a particular patch, the plugin is simply updated. This is causing a number of issues: &nb...
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  • No plugin for CVE-2017-7529 on RedHat or CentOS?

    Looking in to CVE-2017-7529, I see 8 plug-ins for various OS's (FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora 25, Fedora 26, and Amazon Linux AMI). However, there isn't a plugin for RHEL or what we need, CentOS 7. Can any...
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  • Nessus Plugin Rule Host wildcards?

    Is there a way to put wildcards in a Plugin Rule for the hosts value?  I've tried a couple combinations like 10.10.10. or 10.10.10.* or *.DOMAIN but none of them seem to work.  When you have nothing it just ...
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