• Zero results from custom .audit file

    Hello all,   I posted this under Nessus > Nessus Manager, but given that it is actually an ACAS environment, I figured I would also post it here.   ------------------------------------------------------...
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  • DISA STIG Compliance Scanning for Win10

    Has anyone started performing DISA STIG Compliance Scanning for Win10?   I am unable to find a scan policy for Windows 10.....Thanks in advance!   Lee
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  • Do I need multiple Nessus Scanners?

    I already asked this in the Security Center forum a week ago, but no answer. I'm going to try my luck in here. I'm changing up the title to hopefully catch some eyes. I feel like it's a series of straightforward quest...
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  • Is ACAS eligible for pro API scripting support from Tenable?

    I have some ideas I would like to automate through the API and I thought I saw mention that this kind of support is available.
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  • ACAS Data from the past - Vulnerability Last Observed filter for a range of dates in the past.

    Without saving the original Scan Results, and performing analysis directly from there.  Is it possible to use the Vulnerability Last observed filter to see the same data you saw the day the scan completed last mo...
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  • ACAS Portal

    Can you provide a link for the DISA ACAS portal? I need to the latest docimentation on Security Center and Nessus since I will be slated to upgrade some sites.
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  • IAVA Compliance

    Good Afternoon,   We are using ACAS v 5.3, and are trying to find a way to measure IAVM compliance by percentage.  Is there a way to achieve this with ACAS?   I appreciate your inputs concerning this ...
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  • Cisco IP phones 7975/7911

    Is there a way to get a credentialed scans from these phones?  Thanks...
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  • ACAS Plugin 95812 Help

    Does anyone have any insight or detail on what exactly the Plugin 95812 is checking for on a Linux Redhat OS?   I am getting inconsistent hits on this plugin across 43 servers, that are all configured the same w...
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  • Importing SC4.8 offline repositories to SC 5.x.  Does this work?

    Have a situation where we are monitoring compliance for multiple subordinate sites.  Most of them are still running ACAS 4.8.2 baseline while at our level, we have ACAS 5.4 baseline.   Can the exported SC 4...
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  • ACAS SecurityCenter 5 Migration Resources

    ACAS SecurityCenter 5 Migration Resources*PKI - Use CAC email certificate to access linksACAS DocumentationYou can find the following ACAS documentation on the Patch Repository SC 5 Release Notes SC 5 Admin Guide S...
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