• Cisco IP phones 7975/7911

    Is there a way to get a credentialed scans from these phones?  Thanks...
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  • ACAS Plugin 95812 Help

    Does anyone have any insight or detail on what exactly the Plugin 95812 is checking for on a Linux Redhat OS?   I am getting inconsistent hits on this plugin across 43 servers, that are all configured the same w...
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  • Importing SC4.8 offline repositories to SC 5.x.  Does this work?

    Have a situation where we are monitoring compliance for multiple subordinate sites.  Most of them are still running ACAS 4.8.2 baseline while at our level, we have ACAS 5.4 baseline.   Can the exported SC 4...
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  • ACAS SecurityCenter 5 Migration Resources

    ACAS SecurityCenter 5 Migration Resources*PKI - Use CAC email certificate to access linksACAS DocumentationYou can find the following ACAS documentation on the Patch Repository SC 5 Release Notes SC 5 Admin Guide S...
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