• Credential Scan Failures

    Hello,   I am experiencing issues with my credential scans failing due to "It was not possible to log into the remote host via SMB (invalid credentials). So I had the systems team validate that the correct servi...
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  • Question in regards to Nessus and PVS

    I'm using the appliance and have PVS and Nessus enabled. Now, PVS is not currently listening to any traffic, although it is enabled and configured, but in the mean time I have the Nessus scanner running alongside it. ...
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  • Identifying assets managed by the organization

    Hello,   Just wondering if anyone else was having issues identifying what systems their organization actually managed. The major issue I am experiencing is that our scans pick up a lot of assets that we do repor...
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  • Failed Credential Monitoring/Dashboard Development

    Hello,   I recently just started working with ACAS and was basically left with a mess to cleanup. Right now one of our largest problems is failed credential scans (among other things). I want to develop a dashbo...
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  • Wannacry malware

    Has Tenable provided any tools to help with wannacry? I know we can scan for MS17-010, but do the passive sensors (PSV) detect any of the indicators of compromise? Does LCE have any new reporting capabilities? Are the...
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  • Intel AMT Scan

    I'm trying to set up a scan for this recent issue - I ran the Intel utility and it determined that the target was vulnerable.  When I ran an Advanced Network Scan with ports 16992, 16993, 623 (was on the Tenable ...
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  • Show users & roles from the Commandline

    Hello At my site the Security people are always looking for info on accounts on our servers. I'm tiring to wright a script to automate this process so I can do other stuff. I have found some commands for listing the ...
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  • Having trouble understanding how to scan using nessuscli.

    I am evaluating Nessus, so my knowledge is minimal. My platform is SLES11 and I decided to download and try Nessus Pro, version 6.10.5. The install and registration went smoothly. I began to run scans from the UI tryi...
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  • STIGs available for Windows 2016?

    Are there STIGs available for Windows 2016?
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  • Credential scan DC

    We have discovered a problem with our credential scans on domain controllers. We use a windows account that is in the local admin group to scan member servers. Since a DC doesn't have a local admin group what is best ...
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  • Has anyone deployed and agent to a Linux server? any issues?

    I was able to get the agent loaded on the host, I can see it through our Agent Scanner. But the scan results are 0. My admin says he sees it logging in, scanning, but when I try to retrieve the results, I get nothing.
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  • Enable SSH Local Security Checks on Network Devices

    What is the best practice on Cisco SSH setting? We have ip ssh time-out 60 ip ssh version 2 ip ssh authentication-retries 3   What else do we need for SSH settings? do anyone have the good SSH setting on Ci...
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  • Network audit compliance scan

    The ACAS compliance scan for network devices locked out the network devices after the scan. Because it searched for the default Cisco username and password a few times. This is compliance scan from DISA STIG Layer 2...
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  • Issues getting the Incident Response Plugin Family to work

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to get together an Incident Response type scan for our organization in Security Center 5. I noticed the plugin family Incident Response and have been trying to get those to work with any...
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  • Dead privacy@tenable.com E-Mail Address

    Hi,   written also to hostmaster@tenable.com but don't know if this exists so also posting here:   When coming from https://www.tenable.com/privacy-policy i've received the following message when mailing t...
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  • Can the home version of nessus scanner be linked to tenable.io?

    Can the home version of nessus scanner be linked to tenable.io?
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  • Edit multiple reports

    Hi, I have about 50 csv reports that all need 1 field (Display -> Solution) added to them.  Is there any way any of you have found other than to go through all of the reports 1 by 1? Thanks!
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  • Returned NULL for some select statements (DISA _Oracle_12c_DB.audit)

    Received NULL from some of the select statement:   One Example: O121-BP-021900 - The Oracle REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT parameter must be set to FALSE   SQL: select value from v$parameter where name =  'remot...
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  • Why don't my agent scans show up on Security Center dashboards?

    I have:   - Security Center - Nessus Manager - Lots of Nessus Agents   Scans are performing nicely, and I can see the imported results in Security Center, but I don't seem to be able to put any of these ...
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  • last time windows update ran

    I am creating an audit file to check windows update. This is for a server build check. The updates should be current before a server is put into production. The following script works fine in checking windows update, ...
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