• Nessus Plugin RSS Feed

    Hi All,   I notice that the Nessus RSS feeds detailing new nessus plugins as they are released has stopped posting as of June 14th.   - Could someone please direct me to anywhere this information is being...
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  • Security Center Report

       Hello,                I have made a few reports in Security Center. In the reports I would like to make the information in the PDF a ...
    created by brandon.s
  • Reversing a loaded webshell (and honeypot domain).

    Good morning Tenable Sec (and community).   I recently did an analysis and full reversal of the elusive FOPO encoding / encryption.  I wanted to share this as a tuto in hopes it may help someone in their pr...
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  • Active Scan disappeared?

    I setup one of our scans to do a Once scheduled scan in the after hours for a group of servers and noticed today that the active scan is gone.   Does it automatically delete if it's scheduled as Once? &...
    created by erasmussen
  • Computer not connected to the internet

    Hi Guys,   We have a computer that managed our security doors system and finds a lot of holes on it, but this computer doesn't have internet access.ally   It this computer really a risk? Nobody can access...
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  • SecurityCenter Repositories

    I know how to remove a specific IP from a repository, but is there a way to remove a specific plugin type from a repository? So, for example, say I wanted to remove all active plugins from a repository. Is there a way...
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  • mac os scan

    I previously found some discussions on scanning Mac OS before on this forum but I can't seem to find it again. I have ran a few scans against these servers but they don't seem to find much. The last scan I ran was jus...
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  • Impossible to see SCans folder

    Hy guys.   In our company, we use Nessus version 6.10.5 on a Centos 7, after a migration from the previous one server with Centos 5. After this intallation, my boss create my profile as System Adminitration; i ...
    created by niketes
  • best report template for Army ACAS default scan policy .xml?

    hey folks - We have downloaded the Army Default Scanning Policy v5.1.xml file from the ACAS Scanning Guidane section of the NETCOM IAVM Program Information Sharepoint site. The page says that: "This policy file con...
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  • Plug-in help

    I have a number of questions that I have not been able to find an answer to in regards to plug-ins.   a) When I run an Advanced Scan w/ plugins and select a family like "Red Hat Local Security Checks" yet when I...
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  • Identifying assets managed by the organization

    Hello,   Just wondering if anyone else was having issues identifying what systems their organization actually managed. The major issue I am experiencing is that our scans pick up a lot of assets that we do repor...
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  • Access Denied logging into Tenable University

    Several weeks ago I got an from Tenable as part of the Tenable Education migration, that you have been registered for the new Tenable University. I did do the Activate now but was unable to login in. I have tried seve...
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  • Configure SC to talk to SCCM

    I haven't found a lot about how to actually integrate SCCM and Security Center. There's a nessus guide but that can't be all there is. Any ideas?
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  • Windows 10 scanning

    Problem: Unable to run credentialed scan against Windows 10 Enterprise (Version 1703; Build 15063.332)   Attempted Remediation: To solve the problems we made sure that both the scanning computer and the target w...
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  • Malware

    Yes i have created Malware scan,i have included MD5  hash file and  Yara file.Is there  a way to capture or log files of MD5 hash file or Yara files in a report. This  would be helpful correcting ...
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  • Wannacry malware

    Has Tenable provided any tools to help with wannacry? I know we can scan for MS17-010, but do the passive sensors (PSV) detect any of the indicators of compromise? Does LCE have any new reporting capabilities? Are the...
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  • Anyone else having problems logging into Tenable University?

    I went to log in last week some time and got a invalid credentials error.   I went ahead and reset my psw, same thing.   Reset it again, same thing.   I opened up a ticket and then receiv...
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  • Find SNMP Version

    I need to scan a number of Class C ranges and determine if:   SNMP is listening If it is the version   I don't want to hit the devices with huge amounts of probes like done during my vulnerability asses...
    created by tnaami
  • Any documentation on new sshlib?

    I'm having to disable the sshlib functionality in all of my custom NASL's using disable_ssh_wrappers(); just to get them to run ssh_cmd() and get_ssh_banner()   As I assume that won't work forever, is there any ...
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  • SecurityCenter 5.5.0 Now Available

    SecurityCenter 5.5.0 is now available on the Tenable Support Portal.   Based on customer feedback and Tenable’s own rigorous internal testing process, the latest release of SecurityCenter 5.5 includes stab...
    created by kmccarthy