• LCE to SecurityCenter protocol error

    hi team,   I have a problem with the security center is always a protocol error status lce I've tried to remove continue to add new but still just lce status protocol error Ice version 4.4.1 SecurityCenter versi...
    created by hendriana
  • Returned NULL for some select statements (DISA _Oracle_12c_DB.audit)

    Received NULL from some of the select statement:   One Example: O121-BP-021900 - The Oracle REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT parameter must be set to FALSE   SQL: select value from v$parameter where name =  'remot...
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  • last time windows update ran

    I am creating an audit file to check windows update. This is for a server build check. The updates should be current before a server is put into production. The following script works fine in checking windows update, ...
    last modified by bfeltus
  • Configure SC to talk to SCCM

    I haven't found a lot about how to actually integrate SCCM and Security Center. There's a nessus guide but that can't be all there is. Any ideas?
    last modified by chirs
  • CIS vs STIG

    Hello,   I'm trying to use CIS benchmarks but I think I need some clarification on a couple of points: 1. Are CIS findings rated by CAT(1,2,3) levels like STIGs? If so how can the CAT level be determined? I don...
    last modified by gchin
  • best report template for Army ACAS default scan policy .xml?

    hey folks - We have downloaded the Army Default Scanning Policy v5.1.xml file from the ACAS Scanning Guidane section of the NETCOM IAVM Program Information Sharepoint site. The page says that: "This policy file con...
    last modified by s4xarch
  • Automated deployment of Nessus engines

    Is there anyone doing automated deployments via ansible or the like? Does Nessus support an unattended install on Linux? How much of the post install configuration can be done via an auto config vs through the UI?
    last modified by nsanders
  • Tenable Nessus-Scans on Domain controllers

    Hello, I have problems with scanning on domain controllers.   We have several domain controllers, some Windows 2008, some Windows 2008 R2. On all other Windows servers, Nessus uses an account with administrativ...
    last modified by claudiab
  • What changed in Plugin ID 73990?

    This plugin was very quiet and I will actually say dormant in our environment.  On Feb 6th 2017, it was updated and now it is flagging on multiple systems.  The Microsoft updates that it is looking to have i...
    last modified by kspann
  • Can't scan Win10

    My community is currently deploying Win10 boxes in replacement of Win 7. As this migration has taken place, I am not able to see the Win 10's at all. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction of fixing ...
    last modified by cheb7269
  • Cisco Webex extension

    With the recent Webex web browser extension vulnerability, is there a way (or is there one) that can detect the version of extensions installed?   We use Lansweeper and that doesnt report the individual exte...
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  • Security Center Posting Duplicate Results

    Hello! We recently purchased SC (Ver 5.4.2) a couple months ago and started doing some scanning.  We found that we have some duplicate entries for vulnerabilities.   For example:  Plugin 10107 HTTP Se...
    last modified by bryanray
  • how do I use my SC license key to create a Support Portal account?

    hey folks -   Trying to register for a Support Portal acct tro download SC 5.4.2 and open a ticket to download report plug-in #3461. I don't see a new user acct setup button at "Tenable Customer Support Portal"...
    last modified by s4xarch
  • what does "Unrecognized Status NaN" message mean on 6.9 scanner?

    hey folks -   I'm logged into SC 5.4.0 as admin and an on the Overview screen. Job Daemon status is Running. Scanner Status displays: name           &nbs...
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  • Scanning Cisco ISE nodes with nessus

    Does anyone have Cisco ISE in their environment that they are scanning for vulnerabilities? I am having issues trying to get the scans to authenticate correctly. I am using SSH with credentials, that work fine to putt...
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  • Security Metrics and the Sinking of the Titanic

    You can do a lot with data, and the right data used in the right way can have a significant impact on a business. The problem is that almost everything is--or can be--data, and that poses a challenge for organizations...
    created by tbradley
  • Seeing virtual hosts in SecurityCenter 5.4.0

    I am running SecurityCenter 5.4.0 and I got a list of IP’s to scan. Each IP has several virtual hosts associated. How can I set up SecurityCenter so that I can see results for each virtual host in Analysis->V...
    last modified by alistair.cox@gmx.com
  • Security Center hardware requirement

    we have a network of 10000 ip address we are considering Security Center as a scan solution. Regarding hardware requirement, Tenable documentation says to provision  a 4 dual core 3GHZ CPU/16GB RAM. Is this requi...
    last modified by salah
  • Rest API: export-download Filter by plugin type

    Hi,   I'm a bit of a newbe to REST APIs (and nessus) so please bare with.   Using PowerShell, I am trying to download a particular section (plugin) of one scan. At the moment, I can only get it to download...
    last modified by woter324
  • What was your first job in IT?

    One of the things I find interesting when talking with co-workers or attending conferences is the varied ways in which we've all arrived where we are today. I'd like to hear some of the stories from the Tenable Commun...
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