• List of device types that ACAS should not be scanning?

    Is there a recommended list of devices (ex. Taclanes, firewall) that are not suppose to be scanned (best practice). 
    created by cbirt2010
  • Active Scan disappeared?

    I setup one of our scans to do a Once scheduled scan in the after hours for a group of servers and noticed today that the active scan is gone.   Does it automatically delete if it's scheduled as Once? &...
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  • New to Tenable

    I seem to be missing a step somewhere in my process. I am running a scan against all of our pc's. I get the monthly scan report and I work with our desktop support team to have them patch the listed vulnerabilities. T...
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  • Configure SC to talk to SCCM

    I haven't found a lot about how to actually integrate SCCM and Security Center. There's a nessus guide but that can't be all there is. Any ideas?
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  • ACAS IAVM Summary Compliance

    I need assistance with trying to figure out how to create a dashboard or report that generates some form of compliance for IAVMs.   I know that you essentially have to switch between Mitigated and Cumulative wit...
    created by david2divad
  • printers scans for more than 2 hours

    Hi everybody,   I tried to scan some printers, unfortunaly, the scan time for 5 printers exceed 2 hours. And for only printer it is 1 hour. Please how can I decrease the scan time? I alwys received a Warning. W...
    created by alicewenga
  • Nessus Scan Database

    Greetings - I am new to the Tenable community. If there is a solution to this question, please kindly direct me to the thread.   We have Nessus Pro version 6.11.1 (#101) LINUX   we have Nessus successfully...
    last modified by jayho@jayho
  • Does the Basic Network Scan have fragile device scanning enabled?

    And is there a way to change the output to the printer from HELP to TEST when fragile device scanning is enabled?
    last modified by strattonp
  • AWS Pen Test Approval Form - Expected peak requests per second (RPS)

    AWS has recently updated their Pen Test Approval Form where they expect to mention Peak Requests Per Second (RPS). I would like to know what should be mentioned if I want to perform a nessus scan on an EC2 instance on...
    last modified by parikshitp
  • OS identification plugin 11936 not detecting linux servers?

    I'm running Host Discovery template which uses plugin 11936 for OS detection and I notice only targets that are running Windows are getting identified but not the Linux servers.  Is there anything I should do in ...
    last modified by will999
  • False Positive-Missing Patch

    Below is the two vulnerabilities after the latest patch applied.   *****************start********************   Product   : Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control  Version   : 13....
    last modified by jqiao
  • Access prior audit files?

    Is there any way to retrieve prior versions of tenable audit check files. For example, for Platform XYZ let's say CIS audit file 1.1 is available via the support portal, however we need the audit file for CIS version ...
    last modified by lockitdownjms
  • Nessus Plugin RSS Feed

    Hi All,   I notice that the Nessus RSS feeds detailing new nessus plugins as they are released has stopped posting as of June 14th.   - Could someone please direct me to anywhere this information is being...
    last modified by dan.andrew
  • Remote scanner status API Offiline

    The remote scanner mapped in tenable cloud portal shows API offline. How to troubleshoot this issue.   PS: This is a AWS deployed scanner
    last modified by gaurav.s@8kmiles.com
  • forward logs of Nessus and PVS to LCE !?

    Hi,   while I was watching a video in Tenable University, I found the instructor was telling we can forward logs of Nessus and PVS to LCE !?   what is  the use case of this ? and how to configure it ?
    last modified by insight
  • Nessus scan QUANTUM SCALAR i500 tape library

    Does Nessus support scanning for the QUANTUM SCALAR i500 tape library? I have a requirement to scan all assets within our enclave which would include the tape libraries. If anyone could point me to the tenable documen...
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  • Feed Directories

    We have a number of feed directories (nearly 500) on our ACAS server.  These are all named 'feed.#####' and are consuming about 500G of space.  These directories are located in /opt/sc/data.  Our plugin...
    created by keimtho
  • tenable IO registry and repository

    Hi,   I pushed docker images to tenable IO registry. I need to access the images in the tenable IO registry.   Regarding tenable IO registry: 1. does it use Docker registry v2, or Amazon EC2 Container reg...
    last modified by zzzjie
  • Does tenable io support docker image auditing?

    I know the Nessus 6.6 has CIS Docker v1.6 audit for docker host. However using that for docker images will create a lot false positive.   Thanks
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  • How to resolve the damage Security Center database issue?

    I am getting the below exception in my code.      *APIError: 'status=403, error_code=146, error_msg=Unable to process Vuln Query.\nMalformed vulnerability data returned.\n While searching the error...
    created by nisarg