Do we have any Spiceheads here in the Tenable Community? If you don't know if you're a Spicehead, you're probably not. That is a term used to describe members of Spiceworks.

If you are a Spicehead, you only have about 24 hours left until The Evolution of Vulnerability Management webinar. Jack Daniel--one of our Tenable rock stars, a respected sage of information security, and an expert on all things tiki bar--will share his wisdom tomorrow (March 9) at noon Eastern / 9am Pacific.

Jack will talk about the past, present, and future of vulnerability management to help you better understand modern vulnerability management, how it fits in your environment, and how to get the most out of your investments of time and money in vulnerability management.

Aside from the knowledge you will gain from attending, there's also a chance you could walk away with a Mebo Robot--complete with a 5-axis precision controlled arm. So, there's that.


If you haven't yet registered, click here and mark your calendar.


[Note: You must be registered as a member of Spiceworks to attend. The good news is that it's free and it's a great resource, so you won't regret it.]