Quick Credential Debug Scan

Posted by tbradley Mar 29, 2017


Tenable's Ron Meldau talks about performing a Quick Credential Debug (or QCD) scan. Here's a brief excerpt:

"QCD is popular because of its speed and its light impact on the target. QCD performs key tests required to access the target system. Even though the scan requires credentials, the scan does not probe for vulnerability or compliance information."

Check out the full post on the Tenable blog: Quick Credential Debug Scan.

Tenable CEO Amit Yoran knows a thing or two about government cybersecurity. He served as White House Cybersecurity Advisor under the Bush administration in 2003-2004. Yoran wrote a post sharing his thoughts about the problems we face with national cybersecurity, and how to address them effectively. Here is an excerpt:


"My experience in and observation of cybersecurity efforts has shown that throwing money at the problem will not solve it. It is more important to make cybersecurity a cultural priority first and foremost. Organizations in government or industry which embrace the inherent importance of cybersecurity and exercise good systems and cyber hygiene are orders of magnitude more secure than those that spend more and prioritize less."


Read the full post on the Tenable Blog. Feel free to comment or share your thoughts on the post here.


National Cybersecurity Policy Adjustments

Darron Makrokanis, vice president of federal at Tenable, discusses the security challenges presented by the Internet of things, and how agencies can adjust their security strategy.


The Perfect Pizza

Posted by tbradley Mar 10, 2017



Two things I love are Fridays and pizza, so it seems like a good idea to combine the two and talk about pizza on a Friday.


I love pretty much all things pizza--regular crust, thin crust, deep dish, etc. I'm actually not a huge fan of stuffed crust a' la Pizza Hut, but I am a firm believer that there's no such thing as a "bad" pizza. I'm also good with just about any and every combination of pizza toppings. Granted, when I was in the US Air Force stationed at RAF Upper Heyford in England, I did find it odd that things like tuna and corn were available, but whatever.


That brings me to my discussion point, though. What is the very best pizza? Actually, let's break this into two questions:


1. Which pizza restaurant or chain is your favorite?

2. If you could only have 3 toppings, which 3 pizza toppings do you think make the very best pizza?


Jump on in and share your idea of the perfect pizza.

The clock is ticking

Posted by tbradley Mar 8, 2017


Do we have any Spiceheads here in the Tenable Community? If you don't know if you're a Spicehead, you're probably not. That is a term used to describe members of Spiceworks.

If you are a Spicehead, you only have about 24 hours left until The Evolution of Vulnerability Management webinar. Jack Daniel--one of our Tenable rock stars, a respected sage of information security, and an expert on all things tiki bar--will share his wisdom tomorrow (March 9) at noon Eastern / 9am Pacific.

Jack will talk about the past, present, and future of vulnerability management to help you better understand modern vulnerability management, how it fits in your environment, and how to get the most out of your investments of time and money in vulnerability management.

Aside from the knowledge you will gain from attending, there's also a chance you could walk away with a Mebo Robot--complete with a 5-axis precision controlled arm. So, there's that.


If you haven't yet registered, click here and mark your calendar.


[Note: You must be registered as a member of Spiceworks to attend. The good news is that it's free and it's a great resource, so you won't regret it.]



2017 has been filled with major announcements for Tenable--and we're not even a quarter of the way through yet. We announced Amit Yoran as our new CEO, and launched Tenable.io-- our new, modern vulnerability management platform built for today’s elastic assets. Today, we are announcing the addition of John Negron as our first Chief Revenue Officer, and Jennifer Johnson ("JJ") as our first Chief Marketing Officer.

These two round out a bench of executives and thought leaders that's already comprised of rock stars. John and JJ will make sure the world knows who Tenable is and what we have to offer, and take Tenable to the next level. Things are getting hot around here, and we're just getting started.




Have you got lunch plans on Wednesday? Join Tenable to learn about threat hunting.

Following the unprecedented wave of cybersecurity attacks, threat hunting is emerging as a new line of defense and the latest innovation for security operations centers (SOCs) to combat advanced security threats.


Join our webinar to learn about the latest trends in threat hunting and actionable advice on how to pair human intelligence with next-generation threat hunting platforms to proactively identify and mitigate threats faster and more reliably.


Come on. You were just going to eat lunch at your desk anyway--and it's free.



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