Hello Tenable Community,


Tenable kicked off a Customer Loyalty program in the summer of 2016.  The kickoff culminated in Tenable's first Customer Relationship survey.  This survey went out to all Tenable customers. 


I want to thank all of you that participated in that survey.  All survey results were reviewed including each and every comment.  The results were shared with all department heads to be used as input for continuous improvement across all Tenable functions. 


I wanted to share a few key improvement areas as a result of the findings from the survey:


  • Product Quality:  From a greatly expanded investment in testing automation to additional staffing, telemetry and a new approach to building products, quality is now a primary focus for our product team. Some of the changes have had a near-term impact while others will take longer to yield results, but we want you to know that we've taken your feedback seriously with respect to quality starting with the delivery of our new platform, Tenable.io, and stretching back to our current priorities with Security Center and other products.
  • Reporting Capabilities:  We heard a substantial amount of commentary around the need for more context-- and especially use of 3rd-party data-- with reporting and dashboards. With Tenable.io, harnessing 3rd-party asset, vulnerability and threat data will be a considerable focus for us in order to deliver what we believe will be the best in class-- not solely in VM, but in security overall. We have a lot of work to do, but we hope to show you the initial results this Summer. In the meantime, we're in the midst of rolling out a steady drumbeat of new capabilities to Tenable.io in the area of reporting and dashboards. Let us know what you think.
  • Technical Support:  We have kicked off an internal project to optimize our response times, particularly when a hand-off is required between our Technical Support and Development organizations.  This project is focused on improving all aspects of this important customer experience including people, process and our underling systems.  We anticipate that you will start to see improvements in the coming months.


In early March,  we will be sending out our second Customer Relationship survey.  We encourage you to take a few minutes to provide your feedback.  Your responses and particularly your comments are important as we look to continuously improve our solutions and customer experience.


Best Regards,

Todd Kisaberth

Tenable VP of Customer Advocacy