This week Tenable ushered in a new era of vulnerability management with the launch of Tenable.io.


Michael Applebaum, Vice President of Product Marketing for Tenable, wrote a blog post introducing the new platform. Applebaum announced:


"Tenable has embraced the challenge of transforming vulnerability management. Today we are proud to introduce Tenable.io™, the first vulnerability management platform built for today’s dynamic assets. Using our renowned Nessus® technology, Tenable.io delivers a fresh, asset-based approach that accurately tracks resources and prioritizes vulnerabilities, while accommodating dynamic assets like cloud and containers."


One of the driving factors behind the development of Tenable.io is that both the technology and threat landscapes have shifted in a way that makes the traditional approach to vulnerability scanning less effective in some cases. The rise of DevOps and explosion of containers has created a much more dynamic and fluid environment that traditional security tools struggle to keep up with. Applebaum explained:


With the rise of transient and short-lived assets – laptops, mobile devices, cloud instances and now containers – Tenable has redefined vulnerability management around true asset identities, rather than IP addresses. This approach permeates the entire Tenable.io experience – from how it tracks vulnerabilities to how you license the product.


Check out the full post from Applebaum, as well as other blog posts related to Tenable.io and the Tenable.io page. Share your thoughts here or feel free to let me know if you have any questions.