When you engage in an online community, it can be difficult to separate valid or accurate information from incorrect information. When you're seeking answers to questions about Tenable products and services, information security or IT in general, or even about which recipe is best for making snickerdoodles (Personally, I like this one: Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles Recipe), it helps to have some way to identify which responses are more credible than others. It's also nice to be rewarded for your own efforts and recognized for your engagement and support in the community. The new Tenable Community status levels are here to help.


I had mentioned in the post announcing the launch of the Tenable Community that we would be implementing a system like this: "We will have a system in place to recognize Tenable support personnel, Tenable Partners, and those who provide the most value in the Tenable Community—sharing relevant information and helping others find answers. This serves a dual purpose of rewarding the valuable contributions, and making it easier for those new to the Tenable Community to identify credible responses based on the reputation of the member."


So, let's talk about what the different levels are, and how you earn points to move up the ranks. There are four levels for the general community-- Novice, Apprentice, Expert, and Guru:




Novice is 0 to 50 points, Apprentice is 51 to 300, Expert is 301 to 1000, and Guru is 1000 or higher. There are also a few special designations for Tenable Employees and Tenable Partners, as well as a Master designation for the Tenable Community moderators and administrators. There may be more designations introduced in the coming months as well.


How do you earn points? Participate. Contribute. Engage. Be a part of the Tenable Community. Here is a breakdown of the points system:


Create a blog post4
Create a discussion4
Create a document4
Post a correct answer to a question4
Post a helpful response to a question2
Reply to a discussion1
Have someone like something you posted1
Have someone follow you1


As you can see, actively engaging in the Tenable Community by contributing blog posts and discussions is handsomely rewarded, as is helping others in the community by providing the correct answer to questions that are posed. Awarding points for having others follow you or like something you posted is a means of self-policing and allowing others in the community to determine your reputation within the community based on your contributions.


We may tweak this over time--changing the points, or adding or removing actions from the list. If we do, we will update this post so you can refer back here to see how the levels and points work. Start posting and sharing in the Tenable Community and earn your way to Guru level. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at community@tenable.com.