Tenable will soon release a Tenable.io SDK. Prior to the official release, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to take an early look at the initial SDK and provide feedback to the product team.


This new Python SDK will provide you with pre-built sets of code to safely and efficiently integrate other technologies with Tenable.io. For example:

  • Initiate a scan, wait for results, and automatically download them
  • Manage scans, such as identify the status of a specific scan, or stop/pause/cancel one in progress
  • Identify scan, asset, or vulnerability data with specific characteristics, such as all assets with # or more vulnerabilities (coming soon... )


You can access and provide feedback on the SDK at:

GitHub - tenable/Tenable.io-SDK-for-Python


We look forward to your feedback! Thank you.


Parag Baxi

Product Manager

Tenable Network Security